9.1.5 Priest Predictions?

I’m assuming everyone is up to date with the 9.1.5 hype so far. Either way: I’m kind of predicting Priests will see some changes (i.e. potential buffs) next week when the PTR hits.

Just my thoughts:

  • Disc/Holy will likely see some mana adjustments.
  • More Spirit Shell changes for Disc (baseline?).
  • Holy Priests may see some damage buffs (Mind Sear or a better Holy Nova?)
  • Flash Concentration is made baseline for Holy (low chance, but if they’re adding legendary recycling than why not?)
  • 1-3 new finesse/endurance/potency conduits for Priests. (Supposed to get them in 9.1, but didn’t)
  • More Legendary updates (probably more substantial than what we got before for the legendary’s nobody uses).
  • More Shadow damage + PvP tweaks.
  • Prayer of Healing made to not be completely useless?

I would really appreciate some Disc quality of life improvements.
Healing PuG M+ can be literal TORTURE. Some weeks you’re better off just going Holy.

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They need to put the cap back to what it was. There’s no need for such a small shield cap when it’s a 90s CD now. Putting build rate back to 100% won’t do anything since you can already cap it with a full Boon ramp at 80%.

I’m getting like 50-60k Burst HPS on some of these SoD fights with Boon + Evangelism. Even the top Disc Priests weren’t getting anywhere close to that with 9.0 Shells. There’s no need for such a drastic imbalance with a 90s CD.

I predict that priest will get some non-meta covenant buffs…that’s probably it.


Having a look at the dps aspect for 75% mythic raiding, disc are no longer even 2nd after pallies. Monks took that spot. So i would prob expect SOME tuning in either SS or xtra dps

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I sincerely wish they make spells like shadow mend less mana intensive. This week has been horrible to heal until you have your mana powers–mainly mana orbs. Not that I am a fan in the least of these mana powers. I watch healers stream sometimes and don’t see other healer types having to choose the mana orbs or fast eats and so these really amount to an opportunity cost to disc priests. Why the mana handicap and so severe in some groups and with some affixes like Grievous, I wish I knew. It’s like a penalty card from the get go when other healers often have mana zero issues–in addition to better defensives and more utility–and on top of that even better damage.

Spirit shell being baseline would be soooooo great in terms of options you have in your gameplay. Of course in terms of raw HPS would be worse, but still an option

Please bring back lightwell as a Talent take out cosmic ripple or something!

Literally missed the ball on everything.

Divine Star +40% damage increase solves all Holys AOE problems. /sarcasm

I’ll wait until 9.1.5 is actually on the PTR.

my average of 2.5k m+ dps will go up though, that puts me closer to venthyr paladins and increases my acceptance rate when applying to pugs

What’s next? Increase Halo damage by 40%? kekw

For Disc it’s good tho.

I did the math and it’s about a 200 dps upgrade on Divine Star if you’re casting it on cd. Also, Kyrian + Holy Priest can do like 3k overall dps which is pretty nutty when I look at Automaticjaks logs. Might run that in 9.1.5.

What’s the verdict on this ?

  • Festering Transfusion (Necrolord Conduit) damage and healing effect increased by 100%.

A complete Joke. They essentially nerfed the CRAP out of Shadow. I’m literally in shock that they’d do something like this. Do they not understand how negative the AoE cap removal will affect Shadow? A freaking conduit upgrade, that’s ridiculous.

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Extremely marginal increase. We’re only talking like maybe a 100 (?) dps increase from that conduit in total.

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I just hope Blizzard gives us Fish Feasts back, or something comparable.

The mana issues are maddening in M+. Well, at least until you can chase around after mana orbs (yaaay, yeah, right!)