9.1.5 New demon glyphs

please, since it looks like the devs are trying to listen to community feedback now. Please allow us to use glyphs for different demons. ;w;


Lets get some bug fixes and balancing before the cosmetics.

Rather them clean up the turd then just try and put makeup on it.


Yep, i rather we get some tuning/legendary changes.

Aff needs ST Love
Demo needs bug fixes
Destro needs some thought into Infernal 3min


Tuning/legendary changes will continue to happen… some will be happy and others will be sad… that’ll also continue to happen. A greater population of the game will get greater joy out of some long overdue cosmetic changes than some tuning.

I completely agree with OP, some glyphs for locks would be fun. Ability to rename pets while you’re at it.

I agree, let me change the color of my felguard, turn him into a fel lord, put armor on my tyrant, bring back dual wielding wrath guard.

yep. I switched to my druid because Feral deleted my lock in a stun with their “Delete Player” Night Fae Legendary.

I think that paladin is still the most unbalanced with their Ret damage, but I just can’t get into it. So I picked the next best.

Baby steps. Our class barely gets listened to anymore. Don’t want to overwhelm them.

Stop saying this, we can have bug fixes and cosmetics. You all act like just because we get one thing doesn’t mean we can’t get another.

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That’s how it’s always worked for warlocks, let’s not pretend otherwise here.

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You act like Blizzard is even going to work out the bugs anyways, they only fix something when one of the devs play that spec/class and it’s bugged.

Things seem to be changing at blizzard. This is the best time for our voices to be heard.

In order to fix bad pr, it helps to feed the community that supports the company.

Warrior forums are that way —>

Thisss ;-;

dont’ settle for glyphs smh

This. Demon stables.

Many warlocks here are saying fix warlocks before glyphs but I say why not all the things at once. Blizzard has many teams for a reason, let’s have all teams working at once.

As for cosmetics options,
A way to talk to/interact with our demons (down for this for hunters too), like petting the felhunter or engaging in sassy banter with our imps and succubae.
Options to turn closet/soulwell/gate into various other objects that fit the same use.
All colors of fire! Why stop at green?
Glyphs to change the demons for temporary summons, like demonic tyrant/infernal/darkglare/dreadstalkers/vilefiend/grimoire felguard!
Affliction glyphs to change the look of shadow bolt/drain soul.
Glyph that “mutates” our character based on our demon of choice.

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Bump the thread tho :sob:

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