9.1.5 auto dmg Fury

I heard (I don’t recall where, sorry) that Fury auto attack dmg is being buffed but am not able to find it in the patch notes. Can anyone confirm?

Yes it is by a nice amount. I believe it is going to be 43% stronger.

A buff to Fury’s single target damage? Who could have ever predicted the spec needed such a thing.


That binding shot change is terrible.

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Homogenization is bad, but game mechanics operating by the same rules is not.

So happy. Fury is one of those specs I avoided for years for some dumb reason but it has easily become my favorite spec in the game.

Binding shot nerf got reverted, woop.

So…Will Fury out preform Arms next week?

Nope. 43% AA is like a 4% overall buff.

I wonder if it will cause people to chase the 10 percent to auto attack damage ring more vigorously during Legion Timewalking though… with those two bonuses it could get close.

I thought that bonus was removed?

Ring was apparently reworked

It’s no longer a flat 10% bonus. Adds 36 damage to auto attacks at max ilevel

I just made a Fury warrior, and I will say I do feel a little weak single target… I feel like a fire mage without combustion, to be exact. But the AoE is incredibly strong… so i guess its a similiar story to how DH was handled on the 0.5-.1 transition.