9/10 h 216 ilvl fury warrior LF AOTC/mythic prog guild

I am currently 9/10 h at 216 ilevel and am searching for a solo warrior spot for AOTC and potentially some mythic prog. My times are flexible so i can pretty much work with any raid time.

Hey there, Etherian

Boogie Down would love to have you join us. We’re an AOTC guild, slowly making our way into Mythic CN as we build up our ranks. We have dedicated Mythic+ groups that run throughout the week as we work to get everyone Keystone Master. We are an inclusive LGBTQ-friendly group and do not tolerate any form of hate speech. We raid on Tuesday/Saturday from 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm EST.

We’d be happy to help you get your H Denathrius kill if this sounds like a good match for what you’re looking for.

Please reach out to me on Discord if you’d like to chat more: Dalander#2362

Hi! To the Gulag is a Raiding and Mythic+ Guild that may suit your needs.

We are a guild composed of mostly adults in our 30’s.

We raid Fri and Sat night from 8-11 central. We are currently 9/10 Heroic. We run Mythic+ almost daily and dabble in pvp.

Send a message to Yendorx#1489 or Valsun#11137 if you have any further questions.

Para Mortem on Thrall is looking for strong raiders and M+ players to join our raid team. 3/10M looking to push with your help.

We Raid Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00-10:00 EST

Additional Alt/Heroic Clear Sunday 7:00-10:00 EST

We consider all applicants/class/roles so please feel free to apply.

Feel free to reach out to me here or,

Bnet: Theonecake#1277, Discord: theonecake#4449

hello i’m the gm of phury we raid tues/weds/sun 10pm-1am est we are 2/10 m and 10/10h hit me up if ur interested tang#1917

Hey if you’re still looking for a place, Wreckless on Thrall is looking for new blood. We just lost some people due to burnout but we still want to raid. We’re AOTC and looking to push into mythic, and raid Tues/Thurs 730-10pm EST. If you happen to be looking for a place where you can run keys, drink beers, and raid, def hit up our raid leader & recruiting guys:
Discord: Fennin86#4090 or jasonic89#8404
Bnet: rawrwar#1151 or clildsplay#1402

Hi there!

is a new guild 2/10M (created August/September 2020) formed by former Mythic raiders looking to return to Mythic raiding in Shadowlands.

A little about us:
Forge of Hephaestus is mostly made up of former Mythic/AOTC raiders Pushing average Mythic progression motivated to push end level Mythic content. We no longer have the time, or the desire to push 4+ days, so we started a guild to push CE in this expansion but make sure to have fun raiding / running M+. The reason we started a new guild, and didn’t join an existing guild, is because we found a lot of guilds have fundamental flaws in how they approach raiding / guild management. Guilds can be clique-y, Officers are superficial positions made for friends, and guild-related work tends to be left to members who have a desire to pick up the slack. We want to strive for better.

The Mythic raiding roster operates slightly different than most guilds, and spots will be determined based on performance. This determination will also extend to the officers. While we will help everyone learn and improve, constantly dying to the same mechanic may lead to a bench. I say this to be transparent and to set expectations.

Schedule :
Progression nights Tues/Thurs 9:00pm-12:00am EST

Heroic/Alt night Saturday 9:00pm-12:00am EST (End of tier will become a sale night for the guild where able)

Other Guild Events

  • RBGs Sunday/Monday night ~time tbd
  • Guild Various games
  • Guild Among Us (sporadic)

Our raiding roster has undergone a lot of changes in the last few weeks, and currently, we’re looking for a RSham, and a few more solid RDPS. We do emphasis all strong players with similar attitude due apply regardless.

Recruitment Needs:
Tanks: Full. (Willing to discuss if strong applicant)


Healers: RSham, RDruid, Supplimental Disc

If our goals seem to pique your interests, then feel free to add me on BNET and we can chat some more. We look forward to hearing from you!

Bnet: Vegeta#1961 – Raid Leader
Chronosxii#1560 – Guild Master
Nuhanda#1953 – Healing Officer

Disc: Hipstervegeta#4051 – Raid Leader
Chrono#4192 – Guild Leader
Nuhanda#1953 – Healing Officer

Etherian, still looking?

Hi Etherian! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!