8hugs* to fellow ER folks

Hey all!

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while (this is like my 6th edit - yay!), but life has a way of throwing curve balls - so bear with me.

If you’re new - “Hi there!”

If you’re older ER folk - “Hi, how ya doing?!” /goblin

Hope all is well, folks (or as well as it can). If it’s less than great right now, I really (really) hope it gets better soon (or as soon as it can).

I know things are less than wonderful/great/optimum in the world , so with everything going on right now - try not to let this crazy mess get the best of you. Hang on and do what you can as/when you can out there (in and out of Azeroth).

So… yeah, It’s been a while.

Kinda sorry about that folks, but life schedules you waaaay more that you schedule “it”.

I’m late, but I mean well. As always, 8hugs* to those that may need it.

Stay safe, stay positive, and stay awesome.

- Shaw, Sullivan, and various alts when I play them



RL > games, good to see you. Stay awesome.

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Great to hear from you Shaw, hope things are well!

Miss you my dude. Hope all is well.