8/10M Veng DH LF Late Night 9:30PM+ PST

Hey KJ!

Borzag here! ~Been Alliance for 15 years and making the switch to Horde after all this time (never playing Horde ever lol).

You can find my logs via World of Logs where I raided from Nov-Apr and reached 8/10M with a 30% wipe on SLG. Prior to that I completed majority of mythic bosses as a pugger for the last 2 expansions. My biggest succession was during WoTLK, S1 of Cata, and Panda.

  • Seeking LATE NIGHT 12am+ EST Tue, Wed, Thur (optional Mon).
  • CE oriented a must!
  • Mature atmosphere + vibing gamers
  • Committed team
  • Zero superiority, ALL teamwork!
  • Stoners o/

If this fits you hit me up and lets talk!