8/10M Multi Class Healer 5x CE + 10% Sire Pulls

Hello Looking for 10/10M Guild. 6-9 PST Perfer. I play all healers, Rdruid is def my healer of choice, but can play Hpal,MW,Priest,Shaman as well! 5x CE Player, have experience as ranged in a CE environment as well. Thiccboltz#1525

Still looking.

Still looking

looking to trial as soon as tonight!

Hey there,
< Efficiency > 10/10M Horde-Tichondrius is looking to trial a healer for reclears and for 9.1.
We raid Mondays, Tuesdays, and Weds. from 8pm-11pm PST.
If these times (and faction) works for you you can apply on our website at efficiencyguild (dot) com :slight_smile:
You can also contact our RL on disc (Rtehnoob#4369) and I added you on btag as well.
Happy guild hunting :slight_smile:

(not sure why this posted from my classic toon, oops … my main is Swqady-Tichondrius)

I know you said you are looking for a guild for this tier, but if you find yourself looking for a guild in 9.1.

Shiver is recruiting for 9.1. We are a Mythic Cutting Edge minded guild with a two day raid schedule. We strive to accomplish as much as possible in our limited raid time. We believe in a drama free relaxed atmosphere and the officers do their utmost to keep it that way. We are looking for like minded individuals to complete our raid roster. During Castle Nathria, we were 8/10 Mythic before we decided to move the guild’s raid schedule from a weekend schedule to a weekday schedule. We have maintained the core of the guild and are focused on recruiting like minded players for the remaining raid spots with people who can attend the guild’s new raid schedule.

8/10M Castle Nathria as Ilterendi

10/10M Nyalotha as Insanity

We are currently recruiting for 9.1
We are interested in players who meet the following criteria:
. 21+, self motivated and willing to do the work on their own character through sims, logs, research, and videos outside of raid time.
. Put the time and effort into their character to ensure their character is fully optimized.
. Ready to be completely focused on raiding during the three hours of raid.
. Enjoy a calm non toxic raid environment.
. Willingness to be constructively critiqued on their performance and ability to make changes where necessary.
. Understand that mechanics are far more important than parses.

Raid Schedule
Tuesday - 7-10PM Central US Time
Wednesday - 7-10PM Central US Time

We maintain a raid team of 22 to 24 people. Everybody must earn a spot on the raid team through their performance. Once you have earned your raid spot, you must continue to keep it through effort. The most valuable people, who perform the highest and have the best attitude will occupy the raid spots, irrespective of how long they have been with the guild. The Trial period typically lasts anywhere from three to five weeks, but may be longer if there are areas we would like to see improvement (i.e. performance or attitude).

If you feel this sounds like a great place for you, please fill out an application:

Or contact:
Discord Contact Taunted#9350

still looking!

Still searching :slight_smile:

really perfer my druid healz!

We are looking for more excellent healers, if you are dedicated and can make our times, please consider us! :slight_smile:

Still looking!

Another day another dollar!


Still looking!

Whats up gamer check us out!

You can add my discord as well: lol#0069

still looking!

Still looking!

still looking!

Multi class healer… with 5x CE? Tough life lol! Still looking.

Still Looking! 3x CE as heals. 2x CE as ranged :slight_smile: !