8-hour maintenance for what?

tomorrow is monday…


Not where I am.

Prediction for 3PM PDT on Tuesday: “Maintenance has been extended by two hours.”


Blizzard way of saying “go out and enjoy life”.

Time to play DJmax Respect V SC difficulty too.

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I think that actually is a tip on the login screen.


This is correct! The Auction House in the game is getting a major update and the Mobile Auction House is returning this Tuesday as well. You may want to read the following articles regarding the Auction House changes as they contain important information! :smiley:

The Auction House Joins the WoW Companion App:

Auction House Update Notes - 9.2.7 PTR Development Notes Thread:

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I look forward to the battle of the Region-wide AH barons. Who will control the market first?!

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Pretty much this. It takes a lot of time to see which Hamsters are still functional and which ones need replacing… then there are those rubber bands, they need to be rewound by hand

if they turn off the game for 8 hours do they add 8 hours to your game time??


Only if the 8h turns in 48h.

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This is the third week of a “new” raid release, maybe that’s the reason it’s the third week of a long maintenance.

what was the new raid ?

The last time they tried to implement the vendors, they failed despite extended maintenance a few times.

This time they are trying again. 8 hours but may still fail.

The game built on bad coding that the new programmers are still struggling to cope

8 hrs 3 in a row can u imagine if u raid during this time…idk why they need to take 8 hrs to do this. i would think they would pre ready this during the week so most stuff they can copy/paste.

Region wide commodities.
The AH is said to go deep in the code. That I think is the core thing that may eat up the most time.
Only my assumptions.

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meanwhile you have 600 posts on the wow forums


Hamsters need a shower too

These are such dumb comments from people “oh you took 30 seconds to post and spent 300 minutes over the past year making posts oh no you spend your whole life here” do you think before you speak??

Well, I do need time to prepare my ice cream! Eight hours should be enough time for me! Wow!

Then I can do Fated SotFO LFR and question my life decisions…

Welp,then I’m watching The Sandman again tommorow if not today.