8 hour maintenance fix's

boy oh boy. im sure glad it took 8 hours for blizzard to figure this one out. good thing they make all that money each month, at this rate they might have to hire some more people onto their small indie company team.


Wait…if you send your pet after someone in arena you cant be sapped? LOL

That’s the way it was in Wrath. If your pet is active you’re in combat - this was a bug.

Dumbest thing I ever heard, but i hate rogues so ill take it

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It was always like this. If the pet was in combat the hunter/lock was in combat. It’s not like the pet is a separate player, it’s part of your tool kit. Also cannot mount or do the other things you need to be out of combat to do.

In combat yes. But the wording makes it sound like if you send your pet on someone from across the map you are instantly immune to sap once its told to run in.

Meanwhile I have a new bug with enchanting. So nice having my ‘replace this with this?’ instant declining like 8 times before it lets me replace enchants on gear.


Imagine if they fixed the PVP flag bug in Malygos for engineers…

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