8/8M 389 Equip HPal LF CE Guild (A or H)


Hello my name is Facerol and I am currently LF guild for next tier. I am a 25 year old programmer/analyst looking for a semi-competitive, active, and tight knit community to join.

My healing officer Cosack from my current/previous guild Emphasis has agreed to be a character/skill reference for me.

I am willing to play on a semi-competitive team that has greater than 20 members and can and will sit for comps and the needs of any guild for progress.

My current alts/ offspecs are: 386 Prot Pally, 382 Rdruid, 365 HPriest, 375 BM Hunter.

Availability: Weekdays 8pm EST-1AM EST Weekends 6pm-1AM EST. Desired raid days 3 maybe 4 during prog.

Here are some links and stats:
Warcraftlogs: warcraftlogs.c0m/character/us/sargeras/facerol

Ilvl Equipped 389, Azerite Neck 39.4, Current Prog 8/8M

I would love to talk to anyone on discord and am available for messages via IGM. Btag: deadman#1261 I will be active all day today (Wednesday) and will be updating this post periodically, I am unlocked on paladin for mythic this week and am available for trials.


<New Lunar Republic> is a 7/8 M Horde guild on US-Thrall seeking skilled raiders to join our core team for the new raid tier (and of course finishing CE). We raid Tues/Wed/Sun 7-10 PM EST. Our guild has been raiding together for nearly 10 years now! We’re a guild that values community and friendship (both in-game and outside), while consistently clearing content on a 3 night a week schedule.

Our goal is to be able to achieve CE every tier in BFA. In order to reach that goal, we are looking for raiders who are consistent, have good attendance, have a good attitude, and come to raid prepared.

For further inquiry, contact Azazel#11178 & Eberebus#7320.