8.2 resub looking for guild


I have recently resubbed to the game because of the classic hype. Since I just hit 120 I have been playing catch up and would like to find an active, organized guild to start doing M+, normal raids, and to do various things in the world since I am playing 10+ hours a week. I am fury spec and am planning on also trying out prot to tank again. I play mainly on weekday nights and am in the EST time zone.

I haven’t really played since Cata and have found myself in a dead guild. I have been liking how easy it is to catch up, but I have been missing some of my old buttons. I am pretty easy-going and I want to improve to experience new content as it is released. Thank you for the read! I look forward to any replies.

(Bull) #2

Welcome back Halthis, you have come back to the game at a good time, lots of new content.

What is your raiding history, as in what level of raiding have you done in the past? Also what level of mythic plus are you looking to run?

There are a few guilds that fit your description, with a little more information I think we can narrow it down to the one that fits you best.


Hi thanks for replying. I haven’t raided since WotLK where I was doing normal modes, mostly Naxx but I had done some of Ulduar and done Obsidian Sanctum and Onyxia. So, not a lot of experience raiding, but I was also a lot younger then and I am very coachable. Right now I am just trying to do Normal mode raids to get a taste and low level keys to get the experience in M+, but eventually I want to be good enough to push 10+ and Heroics.