8.2 Preview its Here!


I think we are getting set up for the zerg invasion…The entry of World of Starcraft!

(Kannil) #10

8 boss dungeon hype!

(Nillah) #11
  • Mount Equipment

Really interested to see what this is. I believe someone here suggested a similar thing recently, that lets you equip various things to your mounts that would let them water walk for example, or give extra bag space, or fly. That would be neat.

(Blästoff) #12

i was expecting a troll thread you shifty gnome but i’m pleasantly surprised


So the essences in the neck is basicaly the artifact weapon traits crossed with the crucible from Legion. Cue the complainers saying they can’t get all the legendary ones on time.


Definitely looking forward to hearing everybody’s thoughts on all this!

(Nillah) #15

I think ya’ll should use Muffinus for these videos more. The dude’s so genuinely excited about everything, he’s a joy to watch.


Ashran is back?
Kinda hyped.


It looks nice, but then you realize that it’s still just a bunch of grinding to be able to do any of the fun things like dungeons or flying. No thanks, still not interested.


I agree. I like this guy.
Way easier to listen to than lore and whoever that other guy is.

(Andros) #20

Please let there be barrels of fruit for us to throw at Baine.


That gold parrot looks great.


Omg mount equipment.
I told them they need to do this!


Mount equipment best thing evarrrrr

(Blästoff) #24

water walking enchants!

(Akston) #25



Or just put the slow fall thing on the bug. Done.


Dazed protection.

heavy breathing


6 month boat mount now retroactively made into a water walking mount.


Did I just hear no more daze?