8.2 Breaking Been waiting a long time for this achievement

So for anyone who hasnt achieved Been waiting a long time for this (25 man) dont try, im sure the 10 man is bugged as well. you just dont get the achievement at all. I attempted to get this for 9 hrs yesterday thinking I was an idiot, no its broke, and they never said anything that a normal player would see. So just a warning, dont try till the fix!

How is it broken? I only ask because I’ve been trying to do it for the past hour or so.

Just tried again today to run it and it’s still broken. Blizzard please fix only ach I need for 25 man

I just did this last night (August 14, 2019) with 2 of my guild members. The achievement does not require Heroic. So I put it on 25 Normal so he doesn’t spawn Shadow Traps. All we did was stand on his throne, facing the arena. Didn’t kill any adds and waited for 30 stacks and then killed LK. Took about 5-10 minutes.

Granted I got flung off (not sure how) but my guild member killed LK and we all got the achievement.

Hope that helps.

It’s impossible to do solo right now, or even with a pet. The plague will hit you, then go to a ghoul, kill it, then it won’t hop/bounce back to you. It’s disappointing as I’m predominately a solo player and have no chance at completing this right now.

As of 2/22/2020 still does not work. Goes from me to a mob, but that’s it. Anyone know if they are going to fix this? Last achievement I need for this.

Same, I need this and Full House to get the 25-man cheevo and, and, and, the mount, the reason I’m slogging through this once a week. So… looks like we need pals in the instance to get it done?