8.2.5 Content Update Notes

The official update notes for the new content update are posted in our WoW blog.


Started a topic a minute ago, but would have put it here if I saw it.

Are these

Being put into patch 8.25? Because I wanted them since it launched.


Sigh still nothing on Vulpera becoming playable.:fox_face:


Do we still have to gain 3000XP with followers to move on to the last part of Nazjatar’s storyline?


This is the best news yet! Still holding out hope for pixies though!

Twitter account gave a release date in “the next few weeks”.

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  • World Quests and Missions now offer gold or war resources instead of Artifact Power to players who can no longer progress their Heart of Azeroth (level 70).

While it’s refreshing to see you guys thinking ahead for a change, I’m curious what will happen to the 2.5k AP chunks we get in Paragon caches – will that AP still go to waste like the AP inside the weekly chests is expected to, or will these AP rewards also be converted to gold?

Also, please give us the choice or either gold or war resources when doing any WQs/Missions that award AP – I do not need more war resources on this character, nor could I deplete what I already have if I tried.

(Reposted from earlier in another thread)

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“Tensions continue to rise between Saurfang, Anduin, and the Banshee Queen Sylvanas. Discover the fate of the Horde and Alliance in the final chapter of the War Campaign.”

Already sounds very disappointing. I expect no mentions of Teldrassil in this “conclusion”.


a reusable firework that can be used for the duration of the event,

Cool, something to immediately trash.

Event limited items don’t feel rewarding Blizzard, they just take up space.


Demon hunter legendary:

Raddon’s Cascading Eyes can now only reduce the cooldown of Eye Beam by up to a maximum of 20 seconds per cast of Eye Beam.

Damn it. That ability was so much fun
<< skulks away to cry

Blizz: can we get a refund, since the item no longer performs how it was when we purchased it?

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You were already told you had your revenge remember?

It’s time for the thrilling conclusion of Horde vs Horde! And the Alliance is also there!


In case the horde needs some training dummies to fight the real enemies, the other horde!

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Damn Horde! They ruined Hordeland!


you are going to be surprised :slight_smile:

LOL, they already said there was no plans for them as an allied race, what more information do you need?


Thanks for this fix:

Kua’fon can again fly inside Garrisons.

Thanks for the info Kaivax!

I don’t mean to be critical, but if I can level with you honestly; it really is disheartening to a see yet another Mage Glyph added to the game while the remainder of the classes in the game, (aside from Druid have received) none this expansion cycle. Could the other classes (really any class besides Druid / Mage) please get some before this expansion ends?

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Wait, so Islands and Warfronts aren’t scrapped yet?

Come on Blizz!


Still no essences catch up system…