8.1 rares with pets

(Dellexi) #1

So far I have noticed 2, the spider from Redridge Mountains and the raptor at Zuldazar, does 8.1 have any other new rare that drops pets?

(Grarn) #2

Sort of. When the incursions are in Voldun, there is a bot battle event going on between the Alliance and Horde. The losing bot can be looted by the winning side for one of three parts. The parts don’t seem to duplicate so it will take three incursions to get all three as you can only loot once per incursion. Once you get all three they will combine into a pet version. The alliance can construct the gorilla, the horde the spider.

(Dellexi) #3

Oh yea, I am working on that one, so far I am 2/3. I sure will get both this week.