7/12 player looking for a new home

Date Posted:7/10/2020
Class/Spec: Warlock
Cleared: 7/12M as mistweaver
Discord: Apokylon#0536
Contact me for logs from my monk
Availability: After 8pm Pst any day

Been healing, 7/12M exp, looking to return to my warlock, need a bit of catching up on him but looking for a long term home, willing to server and faction swap

I’m a returning cutting edge (nighthold and earlier in that expac) and AoTC every patch raider, took a break from retail for classic, building up my guild again. Dark Adept on Hyjal-US.

bringing some old officers and players that move with me to wherever I am, all have raiding experience and have worked together before, about 10 should be joining and will be running keys/raids soon. Not all are same calibur as I am, in terms of mythic experience recently, but I raided with them back in Wrath and on and off and they are solid players.

focus is of course on getting a solid team together to push progression in shadowlands, but we’ll be using progression now as practice to get everyone in the mindset for progression.

Add me on discord or in game/bnet if that sounds like something you might be into.

IGN: Aerynor-Hyjal
B-tag: Humble#1550
Discord: Humble#3608