7/12, 477, 2816io BDK LF Horde Guild

Hey all! I’m a 7/12M, 2816io, 477ilvl Blood Death Knight looking for a new WoW home. I’ve got a level 90 neck and a maxed cloak. I’m also geared and solid at Frost and Unholy. I don’t play alts, generally, but sometimes I dabble just long enough to remember why I don’t like alts. My current guild is fantastic but their raid times no longer work for me and I strongly prefer Horde. I am looking for a guild that:

  1. is populated by positive, engaging, fun, mature folks. No raging, no shaming, no yelling, etc.

  2. does not tolerate misogyny, homophobia, racism, etc. but can also appreciate a good sex joke.

  3. raids 4-8 hours per week and has CE in its sights. If we don’t get it, I’m not crushed. But I’d like it to be a goal.

  4. is well-established, well-managed, well-structured and stable.

  5. is Horde (no exceptions).

  6. is fun to be in! Toxicity and all of the usual gamer-crud is not my bag.

  7. is on a A:H balanced server that isn’t low population. This last one isn’t a must but it is a bonus. Busy 50:50 servers just feel better.

Times that work for me: Sunday nights are great. Weeknights are okay, too, but would need to end by 11pm, latest. I’m also open to early morning (before 7:30am) raiding. The older I get, the more the early morning appeals to me. Fridays and Saturdays are off limits. I’m on east coast time. I am committed to my current guild until 5/28 to tide them over and make the loss of a progression tank smooth.

About me: I’m 35. I own a successful business. I have a lady-friend and a dog. I am very busy and stressed with work and I love playing WoW to escape. I’ve been playing on and off since Vanilla and have done everything from casual play to CE. Pushing keys is my main passion and I lead a dedicated m+ group. Raiding is my second love. They are different beasts but both fun to tame for different reasons. I adore Death Knight. The class fantasy, transmog, spell names, the whole thing is lovely. If Ion deleted DK tomorrow, it would be a tossup between Pally and DH. I need to tank! I am pretty dependable, missing very few raids. I stay pretty positive during the wipe-fests that progression raiding can sometimes be.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to killing all the pixel-dragons with you!

Hey Detten, I sent you a Bnet request. Would love to chat with you. Mattak#11436

Thursday morning bump!