[7/10M][10/10H] Older, old school raiders lf mechanical DPS [2 Day]

Hello all interested raiders. Myself and a group of about 10 other raiders who have previously raided all of MoP together have reformed on Mal Ganis and are looking to fill out a couple of our final DPS slots moving forward. We all raided together achieving top 100 US rankings for most of the expansion.

Our definition of a raider: Someone who has been a net positive to their guild and has remained in that guild from the first progression boss to the end of the tier. We are those type of players, we aren’t looking for guild hoppers or people who think because they can mash a rotation that makes them a good raider. We want those who make a positive impact to the team they join, not someone looking to get carried.

Mal Ganis horde. Tu/We/ 8-12 EST raid times with Thurs being an additional day for first few week of tier.

Leadership that has raided with top 20 US guilds in the past
Many raiding members who have raided since Vanilla/BC
Mostly aged 30+ individuals
We are focused on getting as high as possible US rankings while keeping an efficient schedule.
We focus on mechanical excellence. Raw numbers are a part, but working with low hours means it is far more important you understand how to position, min/max and survive, as well as learn quickly.
We are looking for people who love to raid, and do what it takes to kill bosses as such we immediately remove negative players, loot/parse whurrs, etc. no one cares about your ego.
We constantly look to recruit and include those with the proper attitude and skill into our guild. It doesn’t matter if you have been with us for years or weeks. The best people are the ones who get to raid progression.
No alts are required, but flexibility is always good.

Hit me up if this is something you would be interested in Levios#1714

Still could use a holy pally and some rdps!

RDPS, hybrids, good ppl.

Please replace me.

Body is complete?

Hybrids, hunters, holy pally.

LF Hunters/hybrid priest/pally and maybe a prot war or veng tank.

hybrid pally/priest, hunters. mythic raiders with like minds.

+600 for Poirier to win by decision, make some money.

Hybrid pally / Warlock / Hybrid druid / WW / Warrior ?

Come join the team

Hunters and warlocks and mages oh my

Hybrid Pally or Shaman, maybe a DK. Old school reliable types and mature raiders always welcome.

You will wipe a lot, you will get sat on occasion, bad things will occur, welcome to raiding.

Hybrid Pally/Shaman, DK, strong RDPS.

People who have a history of being good players, not scumbag parsers.

Refer to above, come join the team.

Multiple bosses to die this week. Lets go.

Same things.

Unholy DK, resto sham/h pally, good times.

Same needs above, and people interested in a long term home.

bring up the bump