7/9 Hpal LF guild


414 Hpal looking for mythic progression guild.
Available any day really, prefer during week. 6:30 EST - 8:30 Fridays & Early Saturdays are not good.

8/8 M Uldir 7/9 Mythic Prog

BfA being the first time I stepped foot in Mythic content. I want to push since I’ve gotten a taste of CE. Hungry for it this tier and every other after.

Always available to talk, just send me a message.

bnet - greywclf#1972
discord - W o l f


Murderous Plush Toys is a newly formed Guild by a group of friends.
We all have AOTC.
Looking to Push Mythic Raiding, while keeping Heroic on Farm.
Raidtimes: 8pm-12am US central (Illidan, server time)

Recruiting is open to All roles, trying to form a solid core, to push Mythic Progression in the current, and Future raid tiers.

We understand starting a new guild is and will be hard, but we are, committed, and staying around.

Very friendly, social, active atmosphere.

If interested Contact me in game, or VIA discord.
bnet: matt#19690, Deconblade#1700
Discord: AwesomeIsMatt#1304, Carttan2056

Feel free to contact, to ask any questions not answered here.