7/9 BrewMaster Monk LFG for Mythic Raiding



I am a 421 Brewmaster Monk main that has cleared BoD up to Stormwall before my guild decided to take a break from raiding and the future is uncertain for 8.2 so I am currently searching for a new home that is wanting to competitive but also casually push for the hardest content that WoW has to offer. I have other alts that can dps and tank but currently this toon can heal, tank, and/or dps. Primary focus is to tank though. PST for any offers!

Can link logs.

BTAG : Fancy#11665


Hey Elliax,

Fathom is a friendly Horde mythic progression guild on Mal’Ganis, (9/9H 5/9M) who aim for our guild to be a real home for our members as well as maximizing the 2 night raid schedule, so our raids are both enjoyable and efficient.

We raid Fri and Sat nights, 8:00pm to 11:00pm CST. and are preparing for Eternal Palace getting ready for a cutting edge. At the moment we just need a few full time raiders to round our roster out.

I’d love to have a chat if you’re interested. Best of luck with your hunting!

You can check us at:

Thanks for time, hope the hunt goes well!


Hey Ellieax,

We are looking for a tank for our Mythic raid team for 8.2. We raid Saturdays from 7-11pm and Sundays from 7-10pm Central. The guild recruitment info is below and if you are interested please hit me up.

(Giblin) #4

Hello, if weekends work for you:

Vice [H] Area-52


Friday and Saturday 8-11pm CST

Bnet Contact: Gub#1148

(Ariaa) #5

Hello Ellieax,

[Birds with Arms] is a semi-casual 9/9M (CE) raiding guild and we are looking for a brewmaster. We raid tu/thu/sun 6 to 9 pm pacific.

Raids are pretty laid back, but we take them just seriously enough to push for CE.

We are looking to set up trials for folks next week before mythic opens, so if you are interested please contact me on bnet c00kies#1667 I have already sent you a friend request.