7/8M 1800+ io, 388, Brew/MW looking for guild

(Toxicx) #1

Looking for a guild to finish out uldir and going forward. Have had a 6% wipe on ghuun over holidays filling in for a friends guild(current guild has orb running issues somehow) I can play either brewmaster or mistweaver. Raided between top 40-10 US back in wrath/cata/mop and quit in wod. Do m+ constantly and yeah.

Thebest#1698 - bnet
Toxicplayerx#7714 - discord


Hi Toxicx!

No Bads Allowed is seeking dedicated members to round out our core roster and push into Cutting Edge for the next tier. Our guild is led by a current US 21st raider with plenty of experience and excellent raid leading capabilities.

Having previously been a US #64 guild, we are currently 5/8M and looking to rebuild as well as maintain success by smashing each new fight in Battle for Dazar’alor. We are looking for raiders who are consistent, have great attendance, a good attitude and are always prepared.

Server: Tichondrius (Horde)
Raid Schedule: 7PM – 11PM PST, Friday/Saturday

Recruitment Needs:
Tank: Monk preferred, but open to all
Melee: Rogue, Ret Paladin
Ranged: Shadow Priest, Boomkin, Ele Shaman
Healer: Disc/Holy priest (bonus points if you play both!)

If you are interested and would like to find out more, please send a bnet request to our guild leader: Seepy#11342