66% Tindral, 7/9M Windwalker LF CE Guild (Pacific time)

LF raid team aiming for CE. Currently 7/9M on Tindral prog, around the start of phase 2. Looking for a team, preferably that is at similar or higher prog.

Notable past exp:

  • Emerald Nightmare CE
  • Battle of Dazar’alor 8/9
  • Ny’alotha CE
  • Castle Nathria 9/10
  • Aberrus CE

Available times:

  • Weekdays, starting 7pm PST or around there. Can possibly adjust my IRL schedule if your team is otherwise a good fit.
  • Weekends available, afternoons and evenings
  • My past guilds have been 2-day schedules, but I am possibly willing to do longer raid times depending on the details.