6/10M [H] CE focused weekend guild LF HPal

Greetings nerd, Men Among Gods is a weekend raiding guild that has two purposes. To obtain Cutting Edge every tier, and to form a fun and supportive community.

Our raid times are Sat/Sun 7-10:30pm EST. Because of our limited raid time, that means our efforts have to be concentrated on efficiency. I expect raiders to be prepared for raid, know the fights, and be positive during raids. All our efforts will be put towards maintaining an effective environment, so egos will need to be put aside for the greater good. I plan to hold every raider to the same high standard.

We are currently in need of a Hpal/great healer and any skilled dps

If you are interested, please contact us!

Contact us at:
battlenet: Haninia#1327
battlenet: tenero#1262

discord: Haninia#2651
discord: tenero#7029


Hey man your discord name doesn’t work =0

Try my battle net tenero#1262

Still recruiting players of any role, come get cutting edge with us :slight_smile:

any more weekend guild interest?

Looking for more if interested still.

still in need of all roles!

Looking for more potential raiders.

in need of a warlock, warrior, demon hunter and several other specs!

Recruiting tanks?

we are currently not recruit tanks. Sorry!

Still recruiting another healer and DPS of any class

Hey been trying to chat with you on bnet but you’re not responding

it be me rew

still in need of great dps and heals!

Need more nerds

Feral Druid here, Just submitted an application would love to hear back from you. Can realm transfer instantly.

Still looking for more people, ranged dps/another healer is highest priority but still interested in all roles!

need ranged and healers top priority atm!

Plez Join <3