6/10 M - [Our Insanity] - Tues/Wed/Fri - 6-9 PM PST

Our Insanity is a PvP / Raiding guild on Alliance. Our focus is to provide a fun gaming environment while pushing rating and progressing raids. We formed at the end of Mists of Pandaria and quickly grew to be the top PVP guild on the realm at the beginning of Warlords of Draenor, including being in the top 10 of Alliance guilds for Rated Battlegrounds. We have multi-season / multi-class gladiators and world-class raiders within our ranks. In Patch 7.2 of Legion, Our Insanity joined the PVE scene and continuing until we were the premiere raiding guild for Alliance on the realm. With Shadowlands came additional server merges and an incredible opportunity to grow. We currently boast over 349 max-level members and grow daily.

Player vs. Player We are looking for players who enjoy player vs. player and currently play at a high level or willing to learn/put forth the effort. We continue to have multiple rank 1 players in our guild.

PVE: Mythic+ Guild members are continuously forming mythic plus groups for keys of every level, with more experienced players helping out our lesser experienced players.

PVE: Raiding We raid three days a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:00 pm pst aka 7:00 pm realm time. Tuesday and Wednesday are our Mythic progression and reclear days while Friday is saved for Heroic reclears and additional progression time on Mythic. Our goal is to develop into a successful Cutting Edge guild. For the last three expansions, we have successfully earned AOTC each tier and progress roughly halfway through mythic but are looking to earn Cutting Edge consistently. Our healing and tank core is solid, but we are in need of more mythic level DPS. Due to the large drop-off in the player base on the realm, we are looking for solid DPS to fill out the final spots. We intend to continue raiding until 9.1 and beyond that.


Our Insanity is a community. In it, you’ll find people willing to talk to you and help you grow as a player. We hope you’ll join us.

If you’re interested, send an in-game mail to: Dreathhammer-Muradin