60 Horde Mage LF Raiding/Leveling/PvP Guild

Hello! I have recently finished my 8 days game time solo journey and hit max level. I was a retail player for the longest time until SL and I was finally fed up with the everyday chore-like systems that ruin the game (IMO). I made the switch to classic late in the game (obviously) and am now looking for a guild to call home. I am looking for newer guilds or older ones with lower populations. I feel like a smaller, more tight nit group is the way to go for the sake of how I enjoy playing the game (discord groups and friendly activity!). I am looking to do just about every aspect of the game, including leveling, dungeons, raiding (favorite aspect), pvp (would love to get into more), reputation farming, mount farming, gold farming, profession grinding, you name it! All I need now is the right place to come along and take me with them! Thanks for taking the time to read! #earthfury #wow-classic:the-burning-crusade-classic-discussion