6 Straight Aliance losses in AV. The Zerg is over

That does not bode well… I haven’t seen much of OP-like people thankfully but I surely hope its just ofd man out for him.

btw wave

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I would do the same as the horde would do if I seen ppl just running it’s target practice.

I only see a few alliance jump off mounts to fight.

There are battlegroups based on region. Eg - NA East | Na West | OCE


Mages have a few spots that they can max dmg solo/duo too.

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Are you sure? That could make sense.


OCE Battle group confirmed


It’s okay to lose sometimes, you big baby.

Nobody forced you to stay there for an hour.

Well yea, but the rest of servers I believe are combined. I am on a west coast server and have seen east coast servers in BGs.


lmao 1 alliance has problems in av, have you spoken to your dr about this?

So you spend a hour to get 4.4k honor… in that time i usually get atleast 4-5 wins fast, that is 1k to 2.5k depending what people do, and about one longer game thats either win or loss…

Bet they make a little blue pill for it

Unless you hit up that av - then you landed less honor and 19 mins or you afk’d out and sat out deserter.

What about when every av game you end up in is a 3+ hour long turtle - this is what i want. I want alliance to afk after wasting 3 hours for zero bonus honor and fresh blood to come into the bg so i can also camp that in the cave. I dont want av to end because its more fun than sitting afk for 45+ minutes - even for less or zero reward

i have nothing against long AVs, iwe been AVs that lasted 2days, back in the good ole AVs, the ones you fought a day went to sleep, worked and came back into same AV…

My point is your one AV is less honor and signifianctalt less rep, then my many AVs, even if id loose all those fast AVs, i still net significantly more on both…

And i definatly want to see you on the battle field my bear tank will tear you apart

What your saying is enjoy the 7 min loss strat for the same honor and less rep and then sit in another q for 45+ mins that also allows alliance to run 7-9 per hour.

Im saying id rather a bg that takes 20 mins for same honor and better rep that makes alliance have 3 per hour with way less reward.

I still have a 45+ min q and it gets boring. At this stage i would rather 1 3 hour long game for the same honor and 1 rep per kill camping alliance in the cave because its more fun than being afk.

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OCE? Post up on your name or post from your toon even better - spy kos lists work cross server ill be sure to watch out for you.

Its pretty easy to avoid horde trying to force long games. Its their fault for wasting everyones time.

IB GY might disagree witth you.

Is wanting to remain active within a bg instead of waiting in a q really a bad thing?


That’s not really true. There is no battlegroup names like in the old days, but you are grouped by region. All servers are NOT grouped together.

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Just won a horde turtle game, we just sent 10 back to wipe and grab DB and SPGYs, then ground them into dust for 5k bonus honor and all that juicy rep. Did the game take longer? Sure, but we broke their spirit and they gave up, even got the galv kill.