6.9/9m [H]Rogue LFG Mythic Progression


Abbystabby - Zul’jin - Assassination/Outlaw/Sub rogue

I’m 418, just came back from a hiatus from March. I enjoy Mythic Plus and Mythic progression raids. I’m around 2.2k IO score (Havent pushed since March) but I’m back in the game to full throttle my progression!

I’m open to Xfer (Not to alliance though)

I Alt pretty much every class, most of which are on Arthas (Main alt is a shadow priest).

I’m looking for a straight forward progression guild that focus during raids and people willing to push keys. I’m experience, have been playing since Vanilla and I’m exceptionally chill even under stressful nights of tough progression.

I would like a 2 Day a week raid, no weekends, only Monday -Thursday and I’m east coast.

bnet: Hysteria#1714
Discord: Catch2two#1156