5/12MW (A) looking for raiding guild for BFA>SL

5/12M monk looking for a new home to finish out the teir and to follow along with into shadow lands. i can flex any role if needed! i also do alot of keys.

if you have any questions feel free to add my btag or disc!
Btag Hayden#12826
Disc Korey#1583

Hi Versapls,

Give us a look and drop us an app if you like what you see.

Hey Versapls!

Emergence - Mal’ganis is a raiding guild which recently came together for the back end of BfA with its sights set on Shadowlands. We have started our foray into Nyalotha in advance of Shadowlands, and after two weeks of raid we have achieved 12/12H as a guild group, and are ironing out our raid core to move into Mythic.

Our leadership is up to 10/12M, with several former CE and Top US raiders. We are recruiting a few more DPS to round out our roster and join our budding and socially active guild community.

Our Vision: Emerging Together

Emergence began with a clear goal in mind; build a tight knit group of raiders who enjoy themselves playing together, giving us the tools to become a competitive raiding guild, a great destination for quality raiders and individuals, and eventually achieve CE. We intend to emulate the good-old-days raiding guilds of the past; a guild in which players are not just toons slotted into a role, but rather a collection of friends who are able to enjoy themselves in and out of raid - all while killing bosses in a timely fashion.

We are building a roster of people who show respect to one another and are in it for the long haul. We are looking for individuals with a mindset of team play, enjoyment, and performance – in that order. We understand frustration during progression and mistakes; these are unavoidable parts of the game we play. This said, we expect our raiders to perform at a high level and will be maintaining a competitive roster.

Recruitment Needs: About You

We are currently recruiting DPS for our core raid team.


  • Mage ( HIGH )
  • Hunter ( HIGH )
  • Shadow Priest ( HIGH )
  • Ele Shaman ( HIGH )
  • Warlock (MEDIUM)


  • Warrior ( HIGH )
  • Windwalker Monk ( HIGH )
  • Enhance Shaman ( HIGH )
  • Demon Hunter (HIGH)
  • Rogue (MEDIUM)

If you are an experienced and geared raider looking for a new home for Shadowlands who fits the bill of our vision and needs, please apply!

If you are a returning player or otherwise behind the curve, we want to hear from you as well!

Schedule: 8-11 CST Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday*

Sunday is a temporary progression night early in the tier, and a fun-run/night off otherwise.

Apply Now:

Please contact myself (Discord: Raz#8161, Btag: Raz#1241) or Gudds (Discord: Gudds#3932, Btag: Gudds#1416), or drop your info in this thread. We will add you to our discord and share our application with you from there.

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you. Let us know if you have any questions.

Hi Versapis, Meh on Proudmoore is actively looking for a monk, being able to flex to DPS is also a huge plus. We recently transferred the guild off a dying server and have gotten a bit of a late start to mythic. We are now 7/12M in Ny’alotha and were previously 4/8M in Eternal Palace, 5/9M in BoD, and 3/8M in Uldir. We raid Wed/Thu 6-9pm server.

If you are interested please use the following Bnet contacts: Punchmeh at Rubus#1686 , or contact any officer in-game. Thanks!

We would love to have you in Dojo.

Hi Versapls!

Act Naturally is an Alliance mythic progression raiding guild on Sargeras, looking for a dps with a healing OS. We are still pushing content, and getting ready for SL.

Our raid times are:
Tues 8:00-11:00pm Eastern Time (ET)
Thurs 8:00-11:00pm Eastern Time (ET)
Saturday Optional Alt Raid 8:00 - 11:00 pm (ET)

Current Progression: Ny’alotha 7/12M

If interested please contact Baldazar (GM and Raid Leader) on Discord at Talon#0185 or bnet at doc#1356

More details on the guild: 8/12M Team [A]

Good luck in your search!

Added you to btag as well to chat.

Heya! It’s really difficult to sell you on something when you don’t include a schedule you can meet (timezone/days). Hit me up on discord if you would be interested in chatting about an opportunity: Sieara#6473 (I volunteer delivering food to sick/dying people between 10 and like 2pm every day so I won’t respond during those hours sorry!)