5 months to get BASE pvp items

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You’ll be able to see the entire blue post itself from the quote block if you want.

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I got two pieces in a week.
You can’t possibly be talking about base items?
Edit: he’s talking about conquest, not honor. I’m a little slow.

And with that, the show should be over.


You know what, it basically works exactly the same as it did last expansion. That’s so crazy, who woulda thought that’s how it would work, wow my mind is blown.

Just spam wsg and you’ll be fine.

Are you kidding me its garbage ?

Vendors with upgradable gear is the same as a fixed item each week with a fixed, low ilvl? That’s so crazy, who woulda thought two completely different things were the same!

are we still talking about this… xD

Did you read the entire article I posted? Because I don’t see how any of that is garbage. You get vendors and upgrades and weekly PvP chest. But sure, it’s garbage. :roll_eyes:

Apparently. LOL But I’m going to bed. So they can rage and troll some more without me. :kissing_heart:

Considering conquest wasn’t a currency that was spent, the amount that you capped in BFA was an arbitrary number. Nothing cost conquest in BFA. There are prices on gear in SL.

Maybe actually know literally anything about PvP before calling people a fool.

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Good nightttt :slight_smile:

It absolutely is. But don’t worry, all of the GD posters here with sub-30 honor levels that have never stepped foot inside an arena are here to tell us it’s fine. I’m sure you all know what you’re talking about, like that guy that thinks conquest capping in BFA is similar to a currency in SL above me.

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And you are up in here talking about honor levels and stepping foot in arenas, listen here brother, I guarantee you people that actually have good ratings in the arena don’t make a living on these forums complaining and arguing like fools, saying words that mean nothing. Before you try to belittle someone, make sure you are in a position to do so, and that doesn’t mean south of challenger rank buddy.

4 - 6 weeks to have perfectly optimal gear is in line with literally every other form of content in this game. You literally don’t know what you’re talking about.