5/9M Fury Warrior (or Holy Pally) LFG (Repost)

Hello Everyone!

I am currently looking for a hardcore/semi-hardcore raiding guild for the rest of BFA. Some relevant information is listed below.

Role: DPS (currently fury), also can play a holy pally at a high level (would just need time to lvl and gear up)
Faction: Either (but prefer horde)
Progression: 5/9M BoD
Preferred Raiding Schedule: 2-3 days a week (any day) between the times of 7PM-12AM EST
Reason for Leaving Current Guild: Atmosphere of the guild changed significantly.
Armory Link: /en-us/character/us/malganis/Eldreer
(Warcraft) Logs: character/us/malganis/eldreer#
Battletag: DoubleD#1398
Discord ID: Eldreer#8468

Please contact me if you wish to discuss further. Have a great day!

< Range Five > [H] Zul’jin - 4/9 M 9/9H SoD is looking for exceptional raiders to continue our Mythic Progression!

< Range Five > provides a great raid atmosphere that values performance and teamwork so that we can have steady progression towards Cutting Edge. We are laid back during farm and trash, but are serious for progression.

Raid times:

Friday 8:30PM -12PM EST
Saturday 8:30PM - 12PM EST

Recruitment Needs:
These are listed in order of priority from high to low.
Tank: Lf non monk tank
Melee: Open (except Demonhunter)
Ranged. Open (except Hunter)
Healer: Paladin, Shaman, Priest (Disc), Monk

Regardless of whether or not your class is listed above we are always welcoming of exceptional players!

What we expect:

  • Reliability. We expect you to show up on time and be prepared for raid.
  • Commitment towards the guild and progression.
  • Understand that we want to down bosses and have fun doing it. There may be some friendly banter, but it is all good fun.

Contact Info:
Feel free to contact any of our officers below.

  • Cross#12398
  • Greywolfpup#1127

Hello! We are looking to add some talented dps to the team! Please add any of us for a chat if interested, and good luck in your search!
discord: livie#4169 bnet: livie#11751