5/9 Heroic and M+ LFM!

Hyper-active Horde Community is looking for more!

</To Punish and Enslave/> is not your average guild.
We raid. We M+. We like each other. Not like like. Maybe…

Anywho! We’re a fun, social guild that would love to add more solid people to our team that like progress without the elitist mentality. We also run an M+ community for extra fun-time!

What do we do??
Normal raids are Monday 8-11pm EST. (9/9 Normal presently)
Progression nights are Tues & Thurs 8-11pm EST. **(5/9 heroic, 1/9 mythic)
Achievement nights every Sunday and guild contests twice a month.

M+ are pretty much all day every day with some PVP here and there.

What are you waiting for?? Send Saxx#1747 a friend request and let’s get something going! :slight_smile:


Would love to see some new faces - maybe a mage…resto druid?? :D:D:D

Hey new to the server, would love to join you guys I added Btag will message in game