5/8M Experienced Guardian Druid LFG


5/8 Experienced as a healer 3/8 as a tank LFguild, prefer weekends or post 8pm CST, willing to xfer servers and will play for either faction!

dont be scarred of the guardian druid! i play at a high level and know the game very well. I am also very into M+.

Any questions concerns or just tell me to pizz off Kwoodgames#1422 - Bnet Thanks guys!


Failed at Hogger is a 3/8M horde guild on Turalyon recruiting for our mythic bench and potentially our mythic roster! We raid Tues/Wed 8-11pm est

With Dazar’alor coming out we’re looking to expand our ranks! We’re not only looking for raiders but we’re also looking for m+ pushers (especially tanks)
Immediate openings for Ele shams/spriests that meet these requirements and are ready to raid all ranged dps will be considered for this open spot though!

Requirements to be considered for the mythic bench/mythic team include: Good attendance, 60%+ parse, at least a 33 minimum on your neck pre Dazar’alor, doing your m+ weekly (whether it be a 10 or 15) good attitude and good raid awareness!

Recruitment contacts: Amirah#3277 discord || Hotsauce#1407 [battle.net](http://battle.net/