5/8M AOTC - Vrekt - 3 Nights 7-10pm

<Vrekt> of Illidan

Vrekt is a newly formed guild that started at the launch of Uldir. We're looking for a few more raiders as well as social MEMEbers, pvpers and derelicts alike.

Raid Info:
Goal: Mythic Progression / CE
Raid Times: Tuesday through Thursday 7pm - 10pm CST
RBGS / Alt Runs on off nights.

Vrekt is a team founded by veteran raiders looking build a progression-oriented core roster of players with the common goal of clearing mythic content while it’s still relevant. If you’re a player with current mythic experience, a player that feels they’ve outgrown Heroic content, or a former hardcore raider looking to get back in to progression without the 5 day a week commitment, then Vrekt may be the right home for you.

What we require:

Knowledge of your Class/ Role
Don't be Toxic
Be prepared every raid
Participation in strategy discussion and encounter research
Positive attitude and presence (we want to keep it fun)
Patience as we build our roster

If you do not see your class or role listed, we still encourage you to apply. Exceptional apps will always be considered.

Current Needs:

Healers: MW, HPriest
rDPS: Lock, Mage, Hunter
mDPS: Ret


How to Apply:
Go to our discord and fill out an app using the template in the application channel. https://discord.gg/99fChqU_

For more info, please contact us below.

Discord: Destructive#1640
Bnet: MasterSK#1789
update! 4/8m

Update 5/8m

Current Needs, Rogue