5/8 Brewmaster Monk looking for new home

My character name is Fleales and I’m on proudmoore, I do alot of mythic+ but i’'m looking for a mythic progression guild, as far as progression I just recently killed Mythic Orgozoa this past week but the guild i’m with is looking for something a bit different comp wise for the last 3, I’m hoping for a guild with similar prog, and I’m more than willing to transfer somewhere that seems fit. My battle tag is MobsOver9000#1948 and my discord is Kenneth#7659 i’m available any night of the week

Hello add me I would love to tell you more about us and our progression.

<No Turning Back> is an Alliance raiding guild on Sargeras (8/8H 5/8M)

About Us:

Our core is composed a few real life friends who have been playing together for years. We have built around that core and are looking to solidify our remaining raid spots. We are a small tight knit guild that considers each other more like family. We have an active discord and mythic+ community. We pride ourselves on our community and laid back environment. We like to joke around and pick on each other all in good fun, but when it comes to progression we know how to change modes and be serious to get content down. In the future we plan to be a cutting edge guild and are looking for long term raiders with these same attributes. Our atmosphere is extremely important to us, therefore we have a zero drama tolerance.

Raid Schedule:

Tuesdays and Wednesdays 7:30-10:30pm CST (Invites are sent out 10 minutes prior)


All raiders are expected to:

• Complete at least 1 +10 key per week.

• Have DBM/Bigwigs, AngryAssignments, and WeakAuras.

• Sign up to raids on the in-game calendar.

• Be on time for raid invites with consumables.


We are looking for competent and reliable raiders that can maintain a 90% attendance rate. We are all adults with lives outside the game so we do understand that things happen. Our policy on missing raids is to notify an officer before raid, unless an emergency occurs.

If you are interested in joining add one of our battle tags:

Bnet: AFusco#1382

Bnet: Ash#11430

Discord: Celesaris#7924

Hi Fleales! Koalaty Time is a Horde guild on Mal’Ganis looking for more like-minded individuals ready to down bosses, run M+, PVP, get achievements, and build relationships.

We are not a hardcore guild; we focus first on our environment and the ability to play in a healthy exciting way. We encourage everyone to embrace their love for the game and do so as a team to reach our goals together in unity.

Active Mythic plus players who try to help everyone get their M+ 10’s done every week, with several players 2k io and above.

Our raids are led by experienced raiders who have done the research and put in the time to explain, adjust, and help everyone get to the point we need for success.

Current Progression
4/8 Mythic Eternal Palace
8/8 Heroic Eternal Palace AOTC

Raid Schedule
Wed/Fri 7:00pm - 10:00pm CST (8:00pm - 11:00pm EST)
Optional (alt runs, key runs, clean up)

Contact List
GM: Battlenet: Landrius#1121 Discord: Landrius#1015
Raid Leader Battlenet: TheRealTacon#1647