488 BM Hunter (7/9M) LF CE guild (pref Fyrakk) with past CE experience, lots of raid-ready alts as well

I still want to get CE this tier. I hope to find a mythic raid team that is on Fyrakk or at least getting to P3 consistently on Tindral. I’m available most nights at or after 9pm EST. My preference would be for a 3-night raid team for faster prog but I’m open to 2-night teams as well. I’m willing to transfer if it helps. I have done weekly +18-20 keys all season on about 6 toons of multiple roles (which I’ll list below), watch lots of videos on end raid bosses, sim my toons, and check in with class discords and warcraft logs, because I like to keep my characters up to date. I have been raiding mythic for years and I learn quickly. Mythic raiding is always a fun challenge with a great raid team that knows how to focus and have fun. Thanks for looking!

Mains and alts I have at or above 480 ilvl with mostly BiS gear, all on Zul’jin [class, character name]

  1. 2 BM Hunters, Kegmeister and Kegparty
  2. Aug evoker, Auggiex
  3. Blood death knight, Butholl
  4. Resto druid, Kaldryn
  5. Ret paladin, Pubs
  6. Windwalker monk, Sppartan

Hit me up on discord @spartan_keg.

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Greetings! We are currently recruiting healers and ranged DPS for our Mythic Core and next season.

[H] Coded Chaos - Mal’Ganis
Who we are:
Our guild was created when 10.2 dropped from a core of raiders who have always been AOTC, CE and at some point pushed for Realm Firsts on top servers. We are back to build for the next expansion and get Cutting Edge while we are at it.
We currently have about 300 members.

What you can expect:

Quick wits and tough skin.

We are not easily offended and you shouldn’t be either.
Raids are Tuesday/Thursday 7pm-10pm Server time.

We use RCLootCouncil.

Loot is prioritized to the individual that will benefit the raid the most

9/9 - Heroic
6/9 - Mythic

We are looking for:

Healers: Resto Druid, Disc Priest
DPS: Mage, Ele Shaman, Boomkin, Aug Evoker

Any strong healer would be considered
We will consider anyone who can pull their weight for mythic progression.
Preference will be given to the listed classes.

Be 9/9H. [Lower prog must at least know the fights very well.]
Have previous raid experience.
Be prepared for Mythic Progression

If you are interested:

Please post here
add me in discord “drakzula” or BNET Brizzle#1972
OR whisper an officer in game
– Kanekin, Spackin, Healingraine, Gunda, Supermancow

Here is my other hunter. 488 ilvl.

Here is my blood dk. 488 ilvl with legendary.

Here is my Aug Evoker. 482 ilvl with mostly BiS gear. 83% dps performance average on warcraftlogs.

Just come over here and get 7/9 with us lol

Here is my ret paladin. 486 ilevel. Multiple bis pieces.

Oof. I can’t do Smolderon prog again. Lol

Here is my monk. Lots of bis gear.

Here is my holy priest. Smile.

Random warlock.

Still hoping to get CE this tier. Been playing a lot, keeping up to date on my 2 main hunters.

Season 4 is April 23.

Anyone out there?

Hey there, still looking for a guild that’s on Mythic Fyrakk.

What’s up yall

Still looking :stuck_out_tongue:

We are looking for a Hunter to join our ranks, Check out our spam.

Eternal Kingdom Team Empire

Raid Times/Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:30-11pm Pacific Time (3 hours 30 min)

Current Progression: 9/9M 9/9H Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope

Recruitment Contacts: (Discord .icewing)(Bnet IceWing#11214)

Application: Classic application Process at www eternal-kingdom com/apply-form/?team=empire

Requirements: Active in M+, Knows how to survive in raid, able to do damage at a high level, team player, and able to stick to a schedule.

Needs: Recruiting all exceptional players, but we are in special need of:

DPS-Warlock, Hunter, and Mage

Yo, thanks for reply. I watched Dell’s stream and the guild looks awesome. I’m looking at the schedule and considering putting in an application. I’ll be in touch soon.

Naughtytime here! Back with more Raid recruiting for my guild! Recruiting friends and homies for the future!

IMPORTANT - Pushing Fated season - Will update kills.

I am the GM/ RL of The Alliance guild, Exclusive Outcasts (EO) on Kel’thuzad. We are an AOTC/ mythic prog guild! This guild is over 5 years old. We earn AOTC every patch, and normally had casual mythic prog. CE is the current goal of the guild at this time!
Vault 7/8M
AtSC - 8/9M
Current tier - 8/9M

We raid Wednesday/Thursday 8:30 - 12:00 AM (6:30-10 server)

Healers is our top priority at this time. Soon as we fill that role, we have a stable 22+ people. Also looking for DPS to push and compete for a spot on the team. Along with bench/filler team members for when we have attendance issues. All sports are earned, never in stone. This guild is a mature/ dark humor atmosphere. We poke fun all the time, but we can snap back into focus immediately. It’s important to have a good/fun atmosphere but be able to focus up when the going gets tough or its time to game.

Tanks - Two main tanks are set. Off tanks for mythic plus.

Healers - core healer / bench healers.

Dps - Aug evoker. Havoc DH - Ranged dps. (Any DPS TBH, not picky)

We run keys nightly all week long, all you gotta do is ask for help! Mythic plus night are Friday and Saturday for us to help each other get keys done. KSM= always achieved. Super excited for the new season :).

Contact me at my battle net/Discord or just comment on the post :slight_smile:

Bubonict#1987 -bnet
tynaughty - discord.