486 WW monk Lf raid group

486 WW monk looking for a raid group.(on zul’jin currently) I have previous ce experience, decided to step away from raiding for a while and just do m+ with my rl friends. Currently 3.1k io and kinda thought i may wanna step back into some raids. I’d prefer to raid sometime in the 6-10 mountain time range (9-12 eastern, 6-9 pt) Sun-thursday. Not really interested in fri-sat raids. Looking for anything from casual mythic to a little more semi hardcore.
Alos have a ret/dk/arms warrior all around 2.2k io and 470 + ilvl that can be brought up pretty quickly

Hey MrFister - If you’re open for a tad later and KSH/AOTC focused, definitely give me a shout on discord. High need for a WW to join our raid team. My Disc is = Markwahlbear

We are a laid back yet awesome skilled group of adult gamers. So your return to raiding will be chill and not full of ragers.

Take care and best of luck!


We could use a WW on our team, hit me up if interested! Info in post below :slight_smile: thanks!

Our Guild [Bold-Stormrage] may be a good fit for you.
Our team is Midcore Mythic. We are not a casual team; we are just not CE-focused.
We raid WED/THUR 8:30PM – 11:30PM EST
Add me so we can chat
Discord: victoriakins
Btag: VictoriaKins#1971

Hey there! We are definitely on the lookout for a solid dps to join us in our 2 day pushes.

[H] Mal’Ganis
Who we are:
Our guild was created when 10.2 dropped from a core of raiders who have always been AOTC, CE and at some point pushed for Realm Firsts on top servers. We are back to build for the next expansion and get Cutting Edge while we are at it.
We currently have 200+ members.

What you can expect:

Quick wits and tough skin.

  • We are not easily offended and you shouldnt be either.

Raids are Tuesday/Thursday 7pm-10pm Server time.

We use RCLootCouncil.

  • Loot is prioritized to the individual that will benefit the raid the most


9/9 - Heroic
3/9 - Mythic

We are looking for:

Healers: N/A
DPS: Rogue, Mage, Enh Shaman, Aug Evoker

  • Any strong healer would be considered
  • We will consider anyone who can pull their weight for mythic progression.
    Preference will be given to the listed classes.


Be 9/9H. [Lower prog must at least know the fights very well.]
Have previous raid experience.
Be prepared for Mythic Progression

If you are interested:

  • Please post here
  • add me in discord “drakzula” or BNET Brizzle#1972
  • OR whisper an officer in game
    – Koravol, Kanekin, Spackin, Healingraine, Gunda, Supermancow

Still looking!

Hey there,
Lonely Outlaws is looking to add mythic raiders. We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 830-11 EST and are currently 3/9M. If you are looking for a place to call home hit me up on discord and we can chat.


Still looking with cross realm open!

Hey - My guild is on Zul’jin and we are currently 5/9M. We raid T/W 8-11PM EST.

Hey they mistor, Id love to chat about a spot with our guild.

Ill leave my info below. Hope to hear from you and get a chance to chat.

Disc- doctersauce

What classes are you looking for?

Monk or Warrior right now

Add me on discord, we can chat more there: alphaomegaragecastle