483 mage lf mythic guild i have aotc on mage 5/9m on other toon

weekdays evening night perferred other than tues wed /gearing up quickly as we speak past mythic exp on mage aswell logs are extremly outdated from ilvl

Hello Pixxal!

We are a laidback guild with supportive leadership and a sprinkling of CE players with a goal of CE. We currently have 2 teams with the 2nd team being formed a couple weeks after the first. We have the players and support system in place for both teams to be competitive with each other so that there is no Team A and Team B. We host events and play plenty of games outside of WoW with each other as well. We have a very helpful community that runs stuff with each other and hangs out with each other no matter which team you’re on. If this sounds like a good fit for you then give us a shout and we would be happy to chat with you!

Discord: Seraphotic, Cuddlepunches
Btag: Seraphotic#1993, IceGremlin#1770

Team Dirty Name [6/9M]:



Team Angry Bears [4/9M]:


Disc Priest

As always anyone is more than welcome to reach out as both teams could use bench players, not to mention you can never have too many people to run keys with. Best of luck to you all in your adventures in Azeroth!

Hi Pixxal, we could use another mage on the team. Details are below. Thanks.

Glorious Purpose aims to be a competitive end-game progression guild on Area 52 Horde (don’t worry we do welcome you alliance folks :heart: ). We are a core of players that are here to enjoy the game, but also respect the aims to approach raiding, and progressing in a competitive manner. Our goals are to build a officer core that sets the example in stable and experienced leadership, where we are available to all members at all times. We aim to build a core raid team that are all players that stand out in their classes, and commit to raid nights.

Progression: Leaders are AOTC, 1/9M (through pugs currently)

Raid Schedule:

Tuesday/Wednesday - 8:00 - 11:00PM EST (Progression Raiding)

Additional activities are currently being added through the calendar to better support our core raiders and make raid times more convenient for those interested.

Mythic Keys
Aiming to build a strong, active Key running community, where we are pushing high keys and IO.

Recruitment (Raid) Information:

Is currently looking for experienced and competitive team raiders to complete its core.

Currently Recruiting: Immediate Needs.

:dagger: All Spots are open (Guild is new and building team, if you are interested I ask for patience as we build. I promise you, its worth the wait)
:dagger: Dps and Healers > Tanks

All competitive applicants are welcome to apply

While not hard requirements, as we want to maintain a laid back / chill raiding environment we do expect you to do your homework. Come prepared to raid, study the fights prior to raid night, run mythic + for free vault upgrades, bring personal consumables. Show up on time.

What can we offer you?

:dagger: Very experienced and structured Leadership
:dagger: Mythic +, Normal / Heroic / Mythic Raiding Weekly.
:dagger: A environment where your time is valued, and appreciated.
:dagger: A forever home, like you, we are tired of the instability of guilds and want a home.
:dagger: A place where your guildmates will become friends.
:dagger: Free guild repair / supplies for raid.

Overall, i aim to recruit players that are driven, competitive and always looking to improve themselves and their team-mates. We use our time efficiently, maintain focus, and exercise discipline where required. We don’t wish to waste your time (during raid/Keys etc), please don’t waste ours. However, On farm content nights, atmosphere is more relaxed. Our time is precious, and we know your’s is as well. Efficiency is our goal.

If you feel this is something you’d wanna take part in you can add me on bnet at GucciPotato#11592 or join our discord discord.gg/zUVUyPJvq4

Hello! Settle Down on Stormrage is looking to fill our M+ raiding roster. We are currently in our 4th week of raiding and are 7/9H. We raid Tues & Sun from 8pm - 10:30pm EST.

Reach out and we can chat more!
Tempyi - Recruiting Lead
BTag: Syrtis#1374
Discord: syrtis1

Hey there!
GFY Enterprises [Fizzcrank/Aggramar] is currently AOTC and 6/9M - looking for a couple more DPS to join our Mythic raiding team! We raid Tues/Thurs nights at 9p-12a EST, with an optional alt raid on Wednesdays and sometimes an achievement run on Saturdays. We also run M+ keys all week long! :smiley:
We’d love to hear from you! <3
Feel free to reach out to us here, or one of our officers on Bnet or Discord.

Bnet: Syrkette#1449
Disc: Syrkette

Froosty - Guild Leader
Bnet: Froosty#2349
Disc: Froosty

still looking any days other than tues wed