480 A Rogue

Sick of being sat on progression bosses for a clique when I give so much to this guild, I want to be in a guild where I connect with people and can raid and feel like I’m actually a part of something.

I am willing to transfer servers and/or faction


480 Assassination Rogue (Horde)

8/12 Mythic
Author of Panther UI
Server: Illidan

Always prepared / helpful, playing WOW off and on since beta and launch 2004, looking for a Mythic raiding guild of friendly players.

I’ve been in my current guild for almost 3 months and no one talks to anyone, invites anyone to anything, very juvenile mentalities, and I can’t imagine the guild will improve with Shadowlands, and while I’d love to complete Nyalotha, get my mount, etc… I would love to do it in a guild where I connect with the people in it.

Logging in to initiate and ask how people are doing, to never get a response, never do anything with anyone except raiding is really boring to me.

I am prepared to server transfer possibly even faction change if necessary, in finding a place I belong. I actually started WOW at launch on Arthas as Alliance.


I enjoy mount farming, working on my UI, some PVP, collecting things, chatting, I work from home so I’m available a lot. Thanks!

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I’m sure you’ll find a good community that suits you! Sorry for your experiences and good luck in your search.

++ Raid Times: ++ Tue and Thur - 9 to 1130 EST.

One Shot is Never Enough has been around since the end of Legion. Achieving AOTC in each tier of BFA and slowly working to build a strong Mythic team, finishing Eternal Palace at 4/8M. Currently we are 8/12M and working on Drest.

Our goal is to finish building a strong team of Mythic raiders as we head into Shadowlands. That will be the first expansion we have that we start off on the right foot.

We are looking for players who have a strong team mindset and look to improve themselves. Read up on guides and theory crafting, complete at least their weekly 15 key, willing to help others and come with a positive attitude.

Thank you for your time.

If you are wishing to speak with an Officer please contact (GM) Fenadorm#1793 or Tolias#11911 .

_Emphasis on players who can play multiple specs of their class. _

We have a high priority for Hunters and Rogues.

We have a medium need for Mages, Warlocks, Warriors, and Balance Druids.

We are currently **full **on Demon Hunters, Death Knights, Priests, and Shamans.

-Revoke Sanity- We have been clearing content together for over 6 years (Started in Siege of Orgrimmar). Looking for people for our raid team; however, accepting all people to run keys or casually hang with us!

This raiding tiers philosphy: Our focus was to complete AotC, and then tackle as many mythic fights as time allows.


Looking to finish filling our team with some dedicated DPS to come progress with us and enjoy what Mythic Ny’alotha has to offer.

Raid Times: Tuesday & Wednesday 8 PM - 11 PM server time.

12/12 H
7/12 M

Primary needs:

Ranged DPS:
Elemental Shaman

Unholy DK
Ret Paladin

However; All exceptional applicants should apply!

General Gameplay: With Regular events and M+ runs, our guild is looking for returning or casual players to join our community! Would love to see you with our guild tag under your name!

Add one of us if interested!

Hope to hear from you soon, if not, happy hunting!

We’re looking for players with some prior mythic experience who want to step into a well-organized raid environment going into the expansion. After reading your description of the effort you put into the game, the productive attitude you bring to a raid, the prior experience you can offer a group, and your focus on helping your raid build a positive culture, I expect you and our raid may fit well.

You can read more about how we opperate in our guild information, but I’ll lead with this: we do not recruit a bench. Instead, we have a roster of 25 players who, apart from the tanks and raid leader, are rotated equally on per-role per-week basis. I’ve personally found that having a dozen players with a dozen players who are regularly rotated and a couple more who might get called in when the raid isn’t full leads to frustration all around. Players coming off the bench just are not set up for success, so the practice hurts both those players and the raids who have them.

If you want to read more, give our recruitment post a look and drop us an app if you like what you see, or add me on bnet at Klik#1399

Hey Darwin! Our 2nd raid team is seeking a rogue for mythic prog and you’ll never get benched with us.

Read up on us. If you like what you read. Please reach out. If not. I hope you find what you are seeking. Have a great day!

Hello, we are Sublime a horde guild on Hyjal server. We are a laid back, yet serious mythic raiding guild currently looking for dps to round out our roster for the end of BFA moving forward into Shadowlands.
We run M+ throughout the week and also have our fun run Fridays where we do different Meta achievements to get our raiders their mounts and achievements.

Current Recruitment Needs
-Minimal melee positions opened
-Minimal ranged positions opened
-1 healer position opened

Raid Days/Times
We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 7pm-10pm PST(10pm-1am EST)
Optional raid night for heroic mode Fridays 7pm-10pm PST

**If you don’t see your class/spec listed here, do not let that discourage you from applying. We are always looking for great players of any class.

Guild Information
Current progression is 7/12M

Sublime is a well established end game raiding guild with a long history of Horde first accomplishments on Lightninghoof since 2006. We are a group of people that have been raiding together since vanilla performing at top raid progression on the server. Our raid sizes have varied over the history of the game, but we have always continued to raid. We have gained new long term guild members, see other members move on, and see old faces return. In all that time our guild has continued on. Our guild has now moved to the server Hyjal in order to be part of a larger and more active community. With new energy we look forward to where the end of BFA is going to take us and moving forward into Shadowlands.

Raiding Expectations

Players are expected to attend all raids per week and message an officer or post in discord if they will miss a raid. We understand that real life issues happen and we are happy to accommodate you, as long as notice is given.

All applicants should be near or at their ideal setup to directly contribute to our current content.

Raiders should always live up to their mistakes and learn from them.

We provide funds for repairs as well as flasks and consumables for progression content. Along with free enchants/gems for main spec gear.

We do not recruit for the bench, however we will make the most optimal group based on who is online for the raid.

Contacts for more info or to inquire on trialing

Hey bud! I COMPLETELY understand where you are comign from with cliques running the guild and using others for their own needs. It has become very rampant over the years.

We recently started a new guild after coming back from a long hiatus. We want to form not only a guild, but a community. We are looking for likeminded players who want to build a community with us, as well as push competitive raiding.

I’ll leave our recruitment thread below for you to check out. If it seems like a good fit, feel free to hit me up, and we can move from there.

Hello Darwinsradio

Our Monday team could use you!

Illidan [H] is 11/12M looking for raiders looking to get CE. We are a MORNING raiding guild. We currently have two raid teams, main raid team that is 11/12M currently working on Nzoth and raids WED/THU/FRI 8AM (NOT PM) to 11AM CST. Our second raid team raids Mondays 5/12M 8AM-11AM.

If this interests you let me know,

Withoutt#8803 -Discord
Without#1930- Bnet