48 hours and no realm names?!?

Prove it then. The vast majority of players are not already in guilds. Theres going to be guilds recruiting like crazy. There already are.

Approx. 16 hours remaining… give or take…

Might wanna check your math.

I allotted for extra cause nothing is ever on time…

It is currently 1:10pm where I am (east coast). Unless I’m wrong, that means that there is 26 hours and 50 minutes until launch.
…did I misunderstand the times?

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That might be your local time, but launch is at 1pm west coast (usa) time. Which is in 26 hours and 45ish minutes.
Edited to add:

It is currently 1:22pm on Wednesday, November 29th 2023.
Count again. What time is it in 15 hours?

Take your time. I’m going to make myself a cuppa.

I can’t tell if he’s being serious or not.

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Me either Z. lol. Me either. Fancy a cuppa while I’m at it?

And when they don’t?

Most frustrating thing blizzard has done since refusing to add RDF in wrath

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They will have a lot of RPers angry… shrugs… i know they could care less, but if i get on a normal pve server and its toxic i’ll leave… kind of like i just leave instances now if folks just “start” kicking people after 1 wipe.

The majority of RPers I’ve seen welcome world PVP. I would gauge that anti-PVP RPers are in the minority.

pvp 1 = Mankrik’s Mom
pvp 2 = Mankrik’s Kid
rp-pvp = Mankrik’s Wife

Phhfftt… silly me added AM instead of PM…

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It will be simple, the only hitch might be server faction locks which I feel will be a pain point for some but not most.

Haha, I get it!

It’s the hype!
SoD hype!
:coffee: I brought you a drink!

yeah I need a beer.

It might be… but i really dont anticipate seeing much of an issue with the whole faction lock thing…

Classic is pretty balanced… it will land somewhere around 45/55… (alliance advantage ofc)…

Just pick your faction now, figure out the server the second you can tomorrow.

I disagree I’ve been playing since 2005 and every server I’ve been on has been RP-PVE and always have had high populations.