479 DK 10/12M and warlock alt LF guild to complete M NYA and go into SL

I’m looking for a guild to complete mythic and kill Nzoth before prepatch. I have 10/12M experience on my main (dk) but I struggle to find a fitting group requiring melee.

I also have this warlock alt, which is ready for raiding (gear wisely). Looking for a guild with similar progression preferably 2 days specially evening/night. (Preferably 9pm+ EST )

Feel free to leave your response or add me:
BNET: Gendibal#1130

still looking :smiley:

still looking for guild

We are looking primarily for casters, but don’t have any DK DPS and wouldn’t mind adding one ahead of Shadowlands. Either way is fine by me, which ever you prefer to play.
We raid Tues-Wed 7-11 EST and are 11/12M atm.

We wont have enough time to kill Nzoth at this point, but what we offer instead is a consistent raid team and guild that has been going for 12 years (since mid-wrath!)
If you are looking for a home and are interested in making long term relationships with a group of people in and out of raids, let me know.

Add me on Discord (Metrolol #1206)

Still looking for guild

Lets talk about things.