477 6/12M Fury/Arms Looking for shadowlands guild/place to continue raiding


Name is Ick. Came back to the game due to covid. Started raiding with a group of friends, they decided to stop raiding. So, I decided to try a different guild, on a different server. Unfortunately, the guild doesn’t seem to be working out. Hemorrhaging players, and yes, hypocritical for me to be doing the same. However, I also miss home. Mal’ganis has been where this toon has been since MoP. My wifes toon is there, all my alts are there, all my friends are there.

I have been playing since release. Progression includes:

Classic: Tank MC= Clear BWL= Clear AQ40=Up to twins

TBC: Tank Teir 4= Clear Teir 5= clear Teir 6 Sunwell= Up to Brutallus

WOTLK: Tank All Tiers clear

Cata: Took cata off from raiding

Mop: DPS All Tiers clear

Dreanor: Cleared up to Manaroth Mythic

Legion: Had to take a break, raided and cleared up to Maiden Mythic

BFA: Came back in Marchish, so far 6/12 Mythic Nya

Pref raid times: Start time whenever, end time pref before 12 midnight.

Please contact me via battle.net

If you’re interested in a mythic weekend team then check our forum here: Delete please

Thanks! Have a good one.