472 WW Monk, 470, & 468 Fire Mage LF Mythic Raiding Guild [Horde]

3 DPS looking to push content. 9 PM PT or later on weekdays preferred :]

Hi Gimiri!

is a 4/12M guild on Mal’Ganis that’s a semi-casual raiding guild and we’re looking for more players to push mythic progression.

We raid Wed/Fri 9-12pm CST with an optional heroic raid Sundays 9-11PM CST.
We’re a close-knit community of players that have turned friends. We are highly active in disc and down to help where needed. We run keys, PvP, old content… pretty much anything you can think of to do in game.

Add me on Discord or Bnet if you’d like to chat more:
Bnet: Squishers#11221
Discord: Squishers#9172

Hey I’m just swinging for the fences here but check it out (can’t blame me for trying)

Hi, I formed a guild with all my degenerate friends. All Former or current CE players. We are 3/12M 12/12H as a guild but many have more kills. Forming up for Shadowlands Mythic and to kill a few more in Mythic Nylotha
Battle Tag: Subsonic#11215 Sargeras- ALLIANCE(though)

Hey there Gimiri,

I’d like to chat with you and your friends about possibly raiding with us :slight_smile:

{ Reprieve } 5/12M on Thrall [Horde] is looking to rebuild our mythic roster. As with most guilds near the end of an expansion, we have lost members due to burnout and other personal reasons. We are looking to reform our mythic roster and continue progressing in Nyalotha with semi-hardcore progression 2 nights a week. Our current goal is CE before the Shadowlands. Looking for the last few dps to continue pushing mythic (1 new boss this week with recruits and 2 pugs)

We are currently raiding Tues/Weds night at 12am (midnight) to 3am EST. (9pm-12am PST). If this time slot works for you, please let me know.

Discord : Nephlim#6908 (Preferred)
Bnet : Nephlim#1798

Hey Madamizzy,
These times would be perfect for us, I sent a friend request on Discord (Masafumsa).
Hoping to hear from you!