465 spr LF friends + guild, pref H

Hi gang,

I’d be delighted to join a group of players that enjoy m+ and pvp. Wouldn’t mind seeing some raids either.
I play shadow priests, destro locks and rogues.

I have not had the chance to band with decent, organized players in several years; i’ve mostly been a loner/lurker since cata. It’s a nightmare to pug anything at all as spr these days, so i need to make friends to get something going again ^^

I’m a respectful, helpful and fiercely loyal person;
I’m a veteran, resourceful and combative player;
I like to play support, midrange and control roles.

I can’t be hardcore, but i like to make the most of the time i dedicate to this faltering game. Honestly, the biggest reason i want to join your guild, is that i would probably drop my sub otherwise, after almost 15 years :grimacing:

Feel free to /w me, /re here, mailbox, or tag me (boompuffboom#1295). I’m a chill guy, come say hi, see if i can contribute to your group =)

PS: must have cool guild name =P

We just started up a guild of returning players, we are looking for new players to get us up and running dungeons. A few of us have already been thru heroics and mythic+, but we would like to get some guild runs going. We don’t really have a set schedule as of yet, the majority of us are flexible.
We are not looking to be hardcore, as most of us have a life outside of wow and have kids. We play the game to have fun and meet people. Saying that we also are planning on doing mythic dungeons. We would like to start raiding (10 mans at the least) before Shadowlands hit.
Since its kind of late into this expansion we want to do at much as we can in preparation for Shadowlands.
Not sure if you are looking to help a guild from the bottom up, or something that is already established. But if this sounds like something you would be interested in, hit me up on discord. I’m usually in most of the day.
We are located in MST. Realm is Gurubashi ([H] casual guild looking for more members! )
discord: discord.gg/ntTktSD or Morlanith#4704

Hello Klesk! HordeCore is currently recruiting players for our heroic and mythic progression team. I understand you don’t want to raid mythic but we do have a lot of active players (peak hours 20-30 people). We do have lots of groups running m+ and pvp (used to be a pvp guild). We have a very active discord so feel free to pop in anytime and say hi! Below is our recruitment post.

Hello! [H] < HordeCore > Tichondrius is a Semi-Hardcore Heroic raiding guild. Once we clear Heroic, we will be moving onto Mythic Ny’alotha. We raid 3 days per week. In Ny’alotha, we’re 11/12H, 11/12N.

We Raid:
Friday - Normal Ny’alotha Alt Run or Heroic/Mythic EP
Saturday & Sunday - Heroic Ny’alotha
8:00-11:00 PST/Server
Invites go out 30 minutes prior to the start.
We have 1 break for 5 minutes at 9:30 Server, halfway through the raid time.

Our team is relaxed, we have fun, joking and laughing while we progress through the raid. Our goal is to get into Mythic this raid tier, (We will start after we clear heroic).

Our demographic is the early 20s to 30s.
Note, we are an 18+ guild.

What we’re looking for:
Tank: None
Healers: Resto Shaman
RANGED DPS: Fire Mage, Shadow Priest, and Boomy Druid

Heroic Minimum Raid Requirements:
Cloak Level - 12
Heart Level - 80
Item Level - 460
At least 45-50k sustained DPS

Other than Raiding, we push M+ weekly and PVP. Here is our weekly calendar.

Monday : Mythic+ Push Night (Opt)
Tuesday : Mythic + Push Night (Opt)
Wednesday : Alt Leveling Night (Opt)
Thursday : Warfront if up, otherwise free night (Opt)
Friday : Normal Alt Raid (Opt/Suggested for Trial Raiders)
Saturday : Heroic Raid (Required for Trial Raiders)
Sunday : Heroic Raid (Required for Trial Raiders)
If you are interested in joining, have any questions, or want to chat, here are the best ways to contact us.

If you want to join our discord channel, the code is below.


Recruitment and Discord Officer
Bnet - Maplemurlock#1956
Discord - Dawnslaÿer/Mùnk#0257

Guild Master
Bnet - Meatshield#11770
Discord - Beefy#2889

Raid Lead / Raid Officer
Bnet - Pfftweown#1238
Discord - pfftweown#7841

Lok’tar, Klesk!

Cinder and Ash - Mal’ganis Horde raids Fri/Sat 7-10 central. We’re currently 3/12M with work on Hivemind and Shadhar.

We also run M+ throughout the week (lows, 10s, and pushing) and have a small but growing pvp segment of players. Cinder and Ash has been together for 10 years last month and we have players that have been around for most of it, some of it, as well as brand new to us.

I added you on bnet!

Hi Klesk, come join us :slight_smile:

How Long On Brez | Horde | Mal’Ganis

We raid Friday and Saturday, 11:00pm-1:30am PST

kvncnh#1922 (Officer) [ Discord preferred: kvncnh#9847 ]

About Us
Is A Little Salty (12/12 H evening team, 11/12 H morning team) Is a semi hardcore raiding guild that has been mythic raiding for the past few tiers. After taking a break and moving on to Classic WoW…most of the guild’s players have returned and are back into the full swing of things. Our main team is beginning mythic raiding while our 2nd team is progressing on aotc. Outside of raiding we also push M+ hard as some of our raiders are 2k io or higher, and the majority of the others are 1.6k io or higher and pushing keys daily. Very active guild that has members always looking for keys of all levels, bgs, arenas, and we are in the process of building a RBG team. We are a mature guild that values respect of each other and do not tolerate toxicity.

Main team (12/12 H) 7pm-10pm pst Thurs/Fri
Morning team (11/12 H) 9am-11:30am pst Weds/Thurs
RBG team Tues (time tbd)

Morning team is currently looking for a 2nd tank, a healer, and ranged dps
RBG team is looking for warlocks, mage, rogue, healers

The only things we expect from you is to show up to raids on time, know your class/role, learn the mechanics and perform them, be prepared and respect your guildmates. If you can’t do any one of these simple things then we are not the guild for you.

Contact Us

Hey there, if you’re interested in semi-hardcore raiding we might be a good fit, we might just be a good fit community wise if you’re looking to be casual.

Computus Demum has been a progression-oriented raiding guild for almost 14 years. Our main raid nights are Wednesdays and Sundays 8-11PM EST. We do M+ Mondays, and there’s generally action to be had every other night. We’re 5/12 M right now

The majority of our roster are adults who have real outside commitments to things like careers and family, which we generally accommodate. However, our expectation is that you put some effort into grinding and knowing your class and playing it well. We have been slowly pushing our way higher each Mythic tier and expect to arrive at a point where we can hit CE and hopefully sustain it. We do not tolerate drama or toxicity.

  • We require a 75 neck for raid invite*

Fill out an application on our website link and hit up Begzilla(Chibi#1952) or Ando(Dolgare#1940) for more info.

Application(remove the space between h and ttps):
h ttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/1GXbd95MY9VWIznarOiSX6ZHzryuECtQ4AivJvk-ezPk

Our raid leader streams our raids, as well as mythic +'s if you’re interested in checking us out: https://www.twitch.tv/dolgare