462 Hpal lookin for Raiding guild and new home for Shadowlands

462 Hpal looking for raiding guild for current tier and shadowlands. currently have a 477 MW monk but lookin to main swap for SL, current progression on my monk is 7/12 M Nya.

Hpal used to be my main at beginning of expac but swapped to rogue then took almost a year break and just came back like 3 or 4 months ago. Please let me know if you are intrested for I am lookin to go horde with my Hpal and be in mythic prog on him and grind up his gear which I have been trying to would be nice to get with a group that is willing to help with the gearing so i can get mythic prog on my paladin add my btag or leave a msg here

My Battletag is : Mistaeken#1664

Hey, unfortunately my service atm while im on vacation is too poor to access bnet, but if our times sound like a good fit and ur interested add me on disc and lets chat!

Who are we?

We’re a newly formed Horde late night guild with multiple CE raiders at the helm. We currently are coming here with a group of about 8 12/12M players and are looking to pick up where we left off. Our goal is to grab that CE every single tier and eventually move into grabbing HoF.

Why us?

We are a competitive group that is willing to grind/put in the time to succeed. We know what it takes to be a CE guild and will constantly strive to achieve our goals.

What we’re looking for:

-Always open to exceptional applicants for any class/spec!

Specific Class Needs Are:

-Ele Sham
-Holy/Disc Priest
-Holy Pally

Current Progression:

As previously mentioned, we did just move over here, but we have a very strong starting foundation with all the CE raiders we have. So while we technically have 0 progression, we have primarily 12/12M experience among us.

How to get in touch:

If you’re interested in talking more about this opportunity add my btag or drop an application!

https:// apply.wowaudit. com/us/area-52/casting-couch/core-roster?preview (remove spaces)


While im out of town til the 27th my best contact is my discord: ChugsBleach#8587 (Capitalize the B)

Will get CE in SL for sure.

We are 4/12M trying to get further. We are currently Looking for DPS and 2 healer’s. We are A guild that has been together since 2009. We raid Tues and Sun 9 pm Eastern till 12 am. We are A causal atmosphere for raiding. If you are interested please add me Moon#1410 We also push keys and help gear everyone we can.

Hey there, hope everything is going well; check us out here if you are interested, we’re a drama free environment set for fun and would be more than happy to have you join us :slight_smile: