460 BM Hunter

460 BM Hunter looking for a semi-hardcore guild with AOTC and pushing Mythic to raid and run M+ with. 3/12M experience. Feel free to leave info below if interested and i will reach out or any other questions. Any faction any server.

Hey! Hit me up, would like to talk
Discord - Theurgy#9756

If you’re still looking, so are we! [H] Returning mythic weekend guild lfm


We’re on the market for some additional ranged players. Feel free to check our spam out below and reach out if you have additional questions :slight_smile:

Xumie#1849 is my Bnet, Icetea#9130 is discord.

The Vortex @ [H] US - Thrall

The Vortex (formerly Vortex, Turalyon) is a guild that focuses on Mythic raiding, Mythic+ and other social in-game content! We have been on Turalyon since 2008, have weathered all the ups and downs WoW has thrown at us and we are still going strong! As we near the end of BfA we have made the move to Thrall to enjoy a more robust community and to continue progressing.
We aim for a 22-25 person roster with a 85% attendance requirement expected over our 2 day raid week. We are looking for players willing to join our family of raiders and progress with us throughout each expansion. If you are new to mythic, or stuck doing heroic pugs each week, please apply. We want your willingness to learn and grow as a player in a team environment.

Current Progression:
5/12M Ny’alotha (12/12H)
6/8M EP
9/9 BOD (CE)

Raid times
Tuesday: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST
Thursday: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST
Goal : Push CE each tier as we’ve done in BfA and past expansions.
Needs : Focusing heavily on ranged DPS (Mage, Warlock, Hunter) but superior applicants are always welcome.

Seem interested? Toss an application in! :slight_smile:


Horde 4/12M Nya LFM w/ raid times TUE/WED 915-1215 Eastern. Add me on BNET to disucss more in detail if interested :smiley:


Hey Sevenn,

Lets chat asap! Add me on bnet; Pezek#1832

Hey seven would love to talk to you, feel free to add me hamster#11650.
Cant wait to talk to ya! :smiley:

CthUwU is a Mythic focused raiding guild now located on Illidan(Previously stormreaver)

We are currently 7/12m with only a month of raiding under our belt
Our goal for this tier is to achieve CE at a relatively fast pace.

We welcome healthy competition and value activity/capability within a role as one of the strongest aspects in a player.

Potential applicants should have previous mythic/heroic experience or extensive previous raiding experience. Successful applicants should have thorough knowledge of their class and roles.

Raid times: Tuesday through Thursday 9:00PM - 12:00PM EST

Our players are mature, driven, competitive, and always looking to improve themselves and their fellow raiders. Over the years, we have learned to give and take criticism and communicate our goals with each other in a collaborative, professional, progression-minded atmosphere.

We prioritize maintaining a positive and constructive raid environment. We expect our raiders to understand and execute their designated assignments for each boss and endure the meta changes with constant research of their class.

please add me on Discord Manabanana#6288 if you have further questions.
or you can add me on bnet: texic#1930
Look forward to talking with you!

Hey there! We are always looking for more dps for the raid team! If you like what you read below, I’d love to chat more with you!
Symbiosis is an Alliance guild on Sen’jin/Quel’dorei looking to improve our roster for the Ny’alotha raid team. Our current progress is 4/12M. We are a super friendly inclusive raiding team that also plays games outside of WoW together! We have a fairly large group of people who like to run mythic+ dungeons daily (not just a dedicated team) and anyone wanting to do them is included. We take bosses seriously, but we still have fun on trash! We make constructive comments, not discouraging remarks to individuals during raid. We strive to help everyone improve all the time.

Raid nights are Tues/Thurs/Sun 7-10pm CST (8-11 EST, 5-8 PST).

We use Discord for raid communications.
We use RCLootCouncil to distribute any gear that is tradeable from the raids.

We are currently looking for:
Always looking for great ranged and melee dps.

If you have any questions or would like to apply, please contact me at Cyndreya#1336 (btag), Cyndreya#5147 (discord)

[H] Casual Encounter is recruiting! We are a newly formed guild by a group of close friends that have been playing WoW together for many years and are currently looking for more players to join us to progress through Heroic Ny’alotha, The Waking City. Our guild consists of previous mythic raiders that have cleared and achieved AotC in Battle for Azeroth. We also run mythic pluses and PvP on off nights. If you enjoy a more casual, and laid-back atmosphere, definitely check out our information below.

Our Goal
-Short term goal: To achieve AotC with the current content
-Long term goal: To build a solid raid team and progress in Shadowland t

Guild Information
-Server: Horde on Thrall, EST server time zone
-Current raid time: Tuesday 9pm-11:30pm server

Current Class Need
-Minimum requirement: 450 ilevel, level 75 neck, rank 12 cloak, rank 3 of your class’s BiS essences.
-Tank or healer off spec is preferred
-Healer: Druid, Paladin x 1
-MDPS: Paladin, Demon Hunter, Death Knight, Warrior x 4
-RDPS: Priest, Hunter, Warlock x 3

What we are looking for in a player
-Drama free and can take constructive criticism well
-Reliable and consistent
-At least 18+

Contact Information
-Please send your most recent log to our officers below via Discord
Tipsy @ Tipsy#9309
Nezzark @ Nezzark#2692

Always looking for strong ranged DPS.


Pull More So I Can Pad (PMSICP) is a semi-hardcore-but-we-all-have-jobs Mythic Team recruiting for progression for this tier and beyond, with a focus on strong community and self-sufficiency.**

Currently: 12/12 AOTC & 4/12M.

Pull More So I Can Pad (PMSICP) is a semi-hardcore-but-we-all-have-jobs Mythic Team recruiting for progression for this tier and beyond, with a focus on strong community and self-sufficiency.

PMSICP is a fresh collection of veteran players with experience ranging from Cutting Edge, classic/vanilla, battlegrounds, and arenas. We are (and look for) strong players that may not have as much time as they once did to devote to pixel slaying due to real life but still want to get sh*t done when they are on.

Formed during Legion, PMSICP dominated heroic content with ease and, after a few more tiers, realized Mythic was the answer to the need for more challenging content. After building a strong Mythic team at the onset of Eternal Palace, we achieved 5/8 progression while still solidifying the ranks. Now, with a strong footing, heading into Ny’alotha we are looking to fill in a few more key slots to push progression hard to continue growing in rank on Area 52.

Raid Time: Sunday & Monday 8:00 - 11:00 PM Eastern (Server) Time
Server: Area 52
Faction: Horde

What we offer:

  • Organized raiding environment – We have progression 2 days a week, we make them count
  • Strong Mythic+ community – Top (Rank 1-20) class representations for the server
  • Active Discord – There is always a discussion going on
  • Optional Raid Nights – Something happening every day – Normal, Heroic, and PvP
  • Non-toxic community – Drama need not apply

This is where your awesome-ness comes in. Do you watch videos prior to an encounter? Is Warcraftlogs and RaidBots on your bookmarks bar? Do you like progressing towards CE but don’t have or want to raid 4-5 days a week? We want you.

We are looking for players that know their class, don’t need to be handheld, and are looking for a competitive yet relaxed Mythic progression environment to become a key part of.

We are looking for:

  • Strong DPS w/ Healer Offspec [Very High]
  • Mage [High]
  • Warlock [High]
  • Strong Melee DPS [Medium]
  • Hunter [Medium]
  • Ret Pally [Medium]

** All exceptional applicants should apply!


Contact us:

(BNET) // (Discord)

Seanishly#1837 // Seanishly#3666
Ama#11132 // Ama#4407

Tuesday/Thursday 8-11pm eastern … add me Haz#11909 or discord Haz#3047

Hey, we’re currently 3/12M. We raid Wed/Thu 8-11pm EST horde side on the Zul’jin. Add Blade#11885 if you would like to discuss further. :slight_smile:


If you’re still looking for a home - we are Organized Crime on Zul’jin and looking for peeps who still enjoy the game and WANT to play - we raid Tues/Wed from 7:30pm-10:30pm eastern. We are 12/12H and are looking for players who want AOTC, are willing to dive into Myhic a bit, and enjoy running keys.

btag: Emeraldwine#1888
or discord: Puddin#1987


Hey there, were looking to add a hunter to our group. could find any logs for you but if you’re interested then hope to talk soon!

(A) < Proper Villains >[Proudmoore] 8/12M Ny’alotha 8/8M EP is recruiting!

We aim to clear progression raiding, while having fun all in 9 hours a week.

Current Recruiting Needs: All exceptional applicants considered!

  • Tanks: None
  • Melee DPS: None
  • Range DPS: Hunter, Boomkin
  • Healers: Monk

Raid Times: T/Th/Su 8-11 PST

Optional Alt Raid on Fridays 8-11 PST

What We Expect From Applicants:

  • Good skill level with chosen spec (demonstrated in logs).
  • Some prior raiding experience in Mythic.
  • Ability to attend at least 90% of raids.
  • A willingness and desire to spend some time outside of raid achieving reasonable character progression.
  • The ability to research current and upcoming raid encounters and to keep up-to-date with any changes to the game.
  • Friendly, humble personality (team player).
  • Ability to communicate on Discord.


If you have questions, please get in touch with our recruitment officers:

Stareana (Discord: Star#0833, BNet: Solidflash#1444)

Stabster (Discord: Mistake#5834, BNet: Naughtymeat#1528)

Icewing (Discord: Icewing#1761, Bnet: NSalling#1212)

Blast (Discord:Blast#4486)

If you’re interested, please apply here:proper-villains.enjin.com/recruitment

Hello! [H] (Server: Area-52) 12/12H is looking for capable raiders to fill our mythic team.

We raid Tu/Th 830p-1130p EST. We foster a friendly raid environment with occasional banter. Additionally we frequently run M+ and random bgs in guild groups.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for reach out to Blackrend#6342 or giles#7702 on Discord. See our standard recruitment post below for more detail. Hope to hear from you!


Soft Enrage is a Mythic raiding guild based on Area 52. We strive to provide a fun environment for all of our raiders while still full clearing Mythic at a good pace. We just started raiding again at the beginning of February and full cleared Heroic in 2 raid nights. Looking for more core raiders to clear Mythic.

Current Progression:
Ny’alotha: 12/12H 4/12M

Guild created: 12/27/2014 (Warlords of Draenor)
Blackrock Foundry: Mythic (5/13)
Hellfire Citidel: Mythic (13/13) World- 1337, US- 385
Emerald Nightmare: Mythic (7/7) World- 677, US- 189
(Most of us raided Uldir around 150 US Ghuun kill)

Raiding Schedule:
8pm-12am PST Tuesday
8pm-12am PST Wednesday

Attendance: High attendance is required. We understand that there are things in life that are more important than raiding. That being said, we expect those important things to be done outside of our raid times if possible.

Respect: Respecting everyone in and out of the guild is a must. It creates a more enjoyable environment, especially during those heated raid nights after wiping over and over. Our reputation is also at stake if people outside of the guild are disrespected. Do not do anything to give the guild a bad name.

Skill: A High skill level is needed to keep up with our team. We only raid two nights a week so we need to make the best of it to clear in decent time. We always try helping people that are lacking in someway and make sure everyone has a chance to prove themselves. Although, we are not afraid to sit people that are holding us back if it is needed.

Mopshot (Mop#1618)
Cocoaqt (Cake#1948)

Did you post as a WW monk LFG too? You said the exact same thing. lol

Regardless, our team could use either dps toon:

Hey I’d be interested in speaking with you more about joining Cyber Athletes!

6/12 Mythic Ny’alotha (10% on Mythic Vex, should kill tonight)
Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11 PM EST.


Looking forward to hopefully speaking more with you. :slight_smile:

Hey there Sevenn, I seen that you have 3/12M experience and is willing to go to any faction/server.

The Third Wave is currently seeking a few more players to bolster our ranks and push current content! We are open to any exceptional dps.

:spades: currently, we are 4/12 M and 12/12 H.

We are active in discord, run a lot of m+, some players do arenas and Rbgs. We have an age variety and a respectful and communicative raid environment.

We are currently seeking:
:spades: 1-2 Warlocks - HIGH PRIORITY
:spades: 3 mages - HIGH PRIORITY
:spades: 1 hunter - HIGH PRIORITY
►► open to all skilled players, regardless of class

:spades: 1 fury/arms warrior - HIGH PRIORITY
:spades: 1 Rogue (Preferred Assassination) - medium/ priority
►► open to all skilled melee, regardless of class

Capable and competent offspec play is highly encouraged
Logs would help you get a better chance of getting accepted!

we were a newly formed 8/8 H guild last tier.

Currently 4/12 Mythic Nyalotha! 12/12H

raid schedule is:
► Tuesday 8pm EST to 11pm EST
► Friday 8pm EST to 11pm EST
► Saturday 8pm EST to 11pm EST

here are some of our minimum requirement’s:
:spades: HoA: 75+
:spades: heroic current content (11/12 or AOTC) (Will consider otherwise)
:spades: Parse Avg 65+ or better in Heroic (Will also consider other content modes)
:spades: Must be open to constructive criticism, willing to adapt and be flexible.
:spades: post AFK with ample notice (emergencies and some exceptions apply)
:spades: be ready with the right consumables and pots
:spades: know/be familiar with the fight
► complete a minimum of 1 M+ for weekly boxes.

you may reach out to us via btag or discord
Garrett#7560 (Discord)
CrazyMage#1135299 (Bnet)