452 competent rogue looking for raiding guild (ally)


Came back a couple of months ago. Have played since vanilla

Currently 11/12 doing pugs. Good dps and understanding of mechanics. Able to raid after 6pm weekdays and any time weekends

Lovepokes - shattered hand

Lvl 10 (will be 11 this week) cloak. 77 or 78 on neck

Hit me up!


My guild is currently 8/12H with raid times of Tues/Thursday 7-10pm. We are currently seeking competent healers and dps to finish up heroic progression and move into mythic. While we are on a two night schedule we always have stuff going ok key groups alt runs and mythic pulls on weekends. We are horde on Area52 server. If this is something that interest you please feel free to reach out



Ah, I’m alliance. I’ll consider a faction change if I don’t find anything

Hey there Bumbarrel, we just started a guild on Proudmoore Alliance and are currently wrapping up or reroll this Friday. We are looking to recruit as we get prepared for normal and heroic Raiding. If you have any questions you can contact me on BNET @ Sinnicks#1267. Good luck finding a guild :slight_smile:

Looking for solid dps for mythic roster. Fill out the short app if our times work for you.

Short version: Mythic Guild LFM Raiders committed to getting CE.

Link to Guild App can be found on our Raiderio page and wowprogress

GM/Raid Lead: Xantoniel#1517 on Bnet or Xantoniel#1979 on Discord
Recruitment: Zander#1312 on Bnet

we have a newly reformed guild on KT, we have done 2 raids and are 8/12 heroic. Hoping to push mythic eventually, would love to have you if you are interested

hello, would you be interested in joining us?

Looking forward to hearing from you!