448/445 Equipped 5/8M Prot Warrior lf M Progression Guild


5/8M Prot Warrior LF Mythic Progression Guild with same level of progression to finish out Eternal Palace, and push into Ny’alotha progression in 8.3
448/445 Equipped
68 Neck Level
Btag : Darkreven#1325
Can provide logs when requested
Raid availability is any time during the week after 4 PM Est until 12 to 1 AM Est Tuesday, and Friday, otherwise my times are open.
Looking for a M Guild to finish out 8.2 progression and push into 8.3 Mythic raiding.
Coming back from a short break and will be returning this weekend and next week to finish out 8.2 and to get prepared for 8.3


Hey there, I’d love to chat with you when you get a moment.