447 Blood/Unholy DK LF Guild

just looking for other people to play with. i raid mythic + and pvp

Hey Raldry! We’re looking for a UH dk to join our raiding roster right now, but if your main interest is mythic+ and PvP - that would also be great. We could definitely use a motivated tank for M+ especially.

We’re a Horde guild on Area 52 - Accidently Pro. 12/12H and literally pushing into mythic next week.

If this may of interest to you, please add me on bnet Guts#1679 so we can chat.

[H] Casual Encounter is recruiting! We are a newly formed guild by a group of close friends that have been playing WoW together for many years and are currently looking for more players to join us to progress through Heroic Ny’alotha, The Waking City. Our guild consists of previous mythic raiders that have cleared and achieved AotC in Battle for Azeroth. We also run mythic pluses and PvP on off nights. If you enjoy a more casual, and laid-back atmosphere, definitely check out our information below.

Our Goal
-Short term goal: To achieve AotC with the current content as a guild
-Long term goal: To build a solid raid team and progress in Shadowland

Guild Information
-Server: Horde on Thrall, EST server time zone
-Current raid time: Tuesday 9pm-11:30pm server

Current Class Need
-Minimum requirement: 450 ilevel, level 75 neck, rank 6 cloak, rank 3 of your class’s BiS essences.
-Tank or healer off spec is preferred
-Healer x 1 (No Shaman)
-MDPS x 2 (Warrior, Death Knight, Monk, Paladin)
-RDPS x 3 (Warlock, Mage, Priest, Hunter) [High Demand]

What we are looking for in a player
-Drama free and can take constructive criticism well
-Reliable and consistent
-At least 18+

Contact Information
-Please send your most recent log to our officers below via Discord
Nezzark @ Nezzark#2692
Tipsy @ Tipsy#9309

Hey Raldry!

Morning Brew is looking for a few to round out our current roster. We are a horde morning guild that offers a unique time slot for those interested. If you would like to chat feel free to reach out!

Bnet: Cen#11694
Discord: Cen#5348

[H] Morning Brew 5/12M 12/12H

Raid Times: 9am-12pm EST | >Wed/Thurs/Friday
Optional Monday Alt run 9am-12pm EST

Recruitment Needs
Ranged – Warlock , Mage, SPriest
Melee – Rogue
Healer – Holy Pally , Disc Priest , Holy >Priest, Resto Sham, MW Monk

Is A Little Salty 12/12 H , 8/12 H is recruiting more reliable players for the evening team,morning team, and rbg team!

Evening Team: Thurs/Fri 7pm-10pm pst
Morning Team: Weds/Thurs 9am-11:30am pst

Very active guild that pushes tons of m+ keys,bgs, and pvp with an active discord server discord.gg/hBySCp7