446ilvl Healer LF social and very active GUILD

Hello everybody I’m currently looking for a AOTC guild to join. I’m willing to go into Mythic content only with relaxed atmosphere. Anyways I am a vanilla player i have then playing since the beginning. Looking to progress further for Mythic keystones. I’m looking for a guild that is very active and social. That means inside discord not just in chat if people are not in discord I will leave. I’m looking for a guild that is active throughout the day and night.I am not looking for a click guild. I’m looking for a relaxed atmosphere with relaxed players.willing to transfer to any HORDE server. You have any other questions please let me know

Hi, feel free to add me on btag. ripten#1497. Seraph is a very active guild with weekly mythic plus runs on calendar and 6 raid teams. We are always in discord and having a good time. Cheers!

Sarrus#1238 add me.