444Rdruid and 437 Hpally 3/8M LFG! [H]

*Two accounts looking to stay together. Currently 3/8M, not interested in lower progression. Raid times fairly open but cannot run anything past Midnight CST (1am EST). We are “mature” and been raiding for a long time. We do not mind wiping to progression. WILL server xfer but only to high pop Horde side.

444 ilvl RDruid (Can boomer-ish, will green parse so nothing special) - RIO Score 1100+
437 ilvl Hpally RIO Score 800ish
Lvl 70 necks, R3 Essences.

Logs available. Rdruid Purple/Orange healing and dps parses on Heroic regularly, Pally Blue/Purple dps and heals. On mythic we run lots of healers so parses are low. We usually still purple/orange on damage on Mythic raiding though.

Druid Can Reroll for 8.3 if needed:

Dpriest (currently 420ilvl)
Rsham (currently 419ilvl)

Pally not really interested in reroll but may consider rerolling mistweaver or lock.


Patticakes#1742 (add this first!)

We won’t faction change sorry! It’s lust…not heroism in our lives!

Hi there! We are inviting folks to bolster our tanks for 8.3 and allow for some flexibility. Progression kills will be performance based for who gets to come. We have some good healers but always looking for competition. Currently we are doing heroic on Wednesday and Mythic on Friday to help people.

Koalaty Time is a Horde guild on Mal’Ganis looking for more like-minded individuals ready to down bosses, run M+, PVP, get achievements, and build relationships.

We are not a hardcore guild; we focus first on our environment and the ability to play in a healthy exciting way. We encourage everyone to embrace their love for the game and do so as a team to reach our goals together in unity.

Active Mythic plus players who try to help everyone get their M+ 10’s done every week, with several players 2k io and above.

Our raids are led by experienced raiders who have done the research and put in the time to explain, adjust, and help everyone get to the point we need for success.

Current Progression
4/8 Mythic Eternal Palace
8/8 Heroic Eternal Palace AOTC

Raid Schedule
Wed/Fri 7:00pm - 10:00pm CST (8:00pm - 11:00pm EST)
Optional (alt runs, key runs, clean up)

Contact List
GM: Battlenet: Landrius#1121 Discord: Landrius#1015
Raid Leader Battlenet: TheRealTacon#1647

Hey Patti!

I’m the GM of Safe Word on US Kilrogg/Winterhoof, and I actually need 2 mythic ready healers for our raid team! This would be a full time slot for both of you, not a bench.

A little about us:
Tues/Thurs raid
7-10pm PST (9pm-1am CST)
4/8 Mythic with a 45% pull on Orgozoa.

Why am I looking for 2 heals? One player is taking a WoW break entirely as soon as I find his replacement, and another is moving to another country for 4 months.

Here’s my long post for way more information on us as a group: Delete please

I’ve sent you (Patti) a bnet friend request, and hope to hear from you soon! We have our weekly heroic clear tonight and would love to bring you in for a trial. I can also probably squeeze you both in for M Orgo prog tomorrow night if you’re available.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Discord: Fried#5654
Discord of Recruitment officer, Esaora: Esaora#3578

Hey there we might be a good fit for you if you’re interested in semi-hardcore mythic progression Wed/Sun 8-11 est. We are especially looking for more ranged(ele shaman, spriest, warlock, mage, boomkin). I’m leaving for two weeks for Thanksgiving, so best to get in touch with one of the other officers or fill an application out if you’re interested in us!

We’re looking to grow our M+ community as well as a couple more people to round out our roster and push further mythic raids in a laid back manner(get as far as we can but no stressin it). We’re all mostly older raiders who understand life happens. We do tmog runs when there’s interest and m+s regularly throughout the week.

CD is a progression-oriented guild that’s been around for 13 years and moved to Area 52 from the Eonar server. We pride ourselves on only playing with people we actually enjoy spending time with(no toxicity or drama) and are currently looking for mature players to bolster our roster. We were 9/9 Heroic and 3/9 Mythic BOD 2/2 H CoS. We’re currently 8/8N 8/8H 4/8 M EP. We plan to push into mythic and get as far as we can. We are also working on trying to have a strong Mythic+ community.

Our main raid nights are Wednesdays and Sundays 8-11PM EST. We also frequently do a Friday Night Normal fun/alt raid(currently on tuesdays) and M+ runs on most non-raid nights.

Hit up Begzilla(Chibi#1952), Slowthar(Cretia#11550), Daishii(lokiashaman#1399) or Moruba/Andoras(Dolgare#1940) for more info and to do some runs and get to know us.

you can also apply here(just take the space out between h and t):
h ttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdyLrGcBGwa5qBgg5l6Bp7dq3uDxSgvb5WROWXEzDVuK3iuSg/viewform